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Jay-Z on iLike - Get updates inside iTunes

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Usher is getting it in. I don't think he's going to stay married long after his wife see's this fan give up the goods at a show.

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I haven't shaved in three month's it's almost time for me to get rid of this bush. I see more gray hair in my beard than ever before. I'm getting old as hell lol

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Barack Obama win's the Presidential nomination at 10:58pm. I'll remember this day as it is historic and an important moment in black history and history in general.

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New Jet Li movie trailer Warlords


This is the trailer to the new Tom Hanks movie Angels and Demons. The book in my eyes was better than the DaVinci Code. I hope the movie lives up to the book though.

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This was a chess move by this photographer. He showed Lil Wayne that he needs to get his facts staright before speaking out of turn. Check mate

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This is a very powerful song. It's from Jason's Lyric and has an allstar cast of R&B singers. i wonder if we could get something like this now.

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Missourian News reports "COLUMBIA — The Columbia Police Department's Professional Standards Unit is investigating a fight that occurred at Hickman High School last Wednesday, according to a news release sent Friday evening.

This is an example of an overzealous Police/Safety Officer. Although we may not know what lead up to the Officer reacting in this manner. He however must understand his job is one of protecting and serving and in this video he is being very brutal to a female student.

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Sometimes rappers are so silly and argue over something so trivial. This is one instance with Jim Jones. So called swag is fictional and just a feeling. Stop looking for attention and do more positive things in the community.

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Oh lord i almost laughed myself to death watching this video

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This is my last post regarding the Presidential Election. This election has set America back 40 years. My reason for saying this is despite over 40 years of rocky race relations the United States of America has made tremendous progress towards all of her citizens. Although as a man of color I believe that they could provide us with better opportunities but that is a conversation for another time. When you compare race relations to 1968 you will see that America has matured. This election is about to tear apart forty years of progress. The race for the Presidency has been one of the dirtiest that I can recall in my 36 years of life on both sides. I watched Hilary Clinton try dirty tactics when she saw that Barack Obama posed a true threat to her. I have witnessed John McCain pull out the race card and then the religion card to whip his supporters into a frenzy. There are so many negative Obama stickers, t-shirts, and videos out there you would think that we are living in the Jim Crow era once again. And this is from a nation that is suppose to be progressive and enlightened. The only person who hasn’t resorted to the negative tactics is the man accused of being a monkey and terrorist, Barack Obama.
John McCain has created a wave of hate so strong that he isn’t able to control it. It is spiraling out of control and going to consume innocent people both black and white. The people’s perception Barack Obama really is has been distorted by the McCain camp and the media. This is our Presidential election the media has the obligation to tell the truth and report the facts to the people. However they have decided against telling the truth but have gone with something juicier, lies. Who is going to compete with you when you own 95% of the newspapers, magazines, and tabloids, no one, reality is what you say it is (Time Warner). So instead of showing the public the hypocrisy and lies they decide instead to print them. The public diplomacy or propaganda that the McCain camp is utilizing is something that Black America has dealt with for over 300 years. Remember we were considered 3/4th’s human for years. All black organizations were considered communist front’s in the 1960’s the same way that they call Obama a terrorist. When they can’t beat you they create lies and propaganda to discredit you so know one would dare stand up to you. Ignorance has been exploited in this Presidential election foolishly. The potential for a race war is a reality that I unfortunately am preparing for. Remember these lyrics,
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
So are we as a people going to stand together and chose the best possible leaders for our nation or are we going to allow disinformation and ignorance guide our hand when we slide the lever on November 11th. I’m not saying that you should vote for Obama because he’s Black or vote for McCain because he’s White. You should vote for the candidate who provides the best opportunity for us to move forward progressively into the new millennium. God willing we will be to Unite the States of America. Peace

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New Will Smith Trailer I saw on The movies is called Seven Pounds


Beyonce shows once again why she is head and shoulders above the rest of the R&B women. Her latest single off of her new double album

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Damn R&B dudes are turning into thugs. Watch this clip of Neyo talking grown man shit.


This is two of my favorite rappers, Ice Cube and Killer Mike. Killer Mike is so underrated as a rapper. His I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind part 2 is the best mixtape I heard this year. It's better than a lot of people's albums.

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Dude knocked homie straight the f-ck out WITH ONE PUNCH.


I'm not a racist or even prejuidice for the record. I however am a grown man and anything I feel that is disrespectful to me I will address it. I am all for the freedom of speech and free will but I will not ever let anybody outright disrepect me and feel comfortable anywhere within a mile of my presence. This t shirt doesn't desereve a response from me but I have to comment for my own satisfaction. As I was on MySpace and reading Lord of King's newest Blog I would spit on dude and dare him to say something just for having the heart to wear this t shirt. I may be wrong for reacting instead of acting but bump that you are going to respect me regardless.


Damn I'm late on this. I saw this on


I went to an event in Brooklyn Monday evening, the President of the NAACP was coming to meet members of the Brooklyn Branch. I arrived late but was impressed with the crowd and the younger people in attendance. As me and my boy noticed although there were a good number of younger people in the crowd the leadership was predominantly the older generation. I made the comment that in order for the NAACP to take the next step into the new millenium they need to incorporate more younger people into position of power. The time is now to seize upon the attention that this Presidential election has brought about. So many young people are interested in change they need to mobilze and grab them up and take their ideas and energy to make the NAACP and organization that matters again. I believe that the older generation has done a remarkable job in all that they have achieved for people of color but they need to allow the new generation to come in and take over. They have open the doors to alot of different avenues for people of color. However it is now time for us to take the doors off their hinges and walk through them. That can only happen with new generation of leadership.

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It is over. After 13 Playoff Appearances, 10 Division titles, 6 Pennants, 6 World Series appearances, and 4 World Championships the Yankee Dynasty is over. Not many teams in any sport can say the same that they have had a run like the Yankees. There is no logo more famous worldwide than the Yankee NY. It is synonmous with class, dignity, professionalism, and winning. It was every kids dream to play with the Yankees because they were the class of the Major League baseball. By missing the postseason this year the Yankees lose out on over $141 million dollars in revenue.

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This is the Documentary of Washington Wizard Nick Young and his Senior year of High School. "Second Chance Season" is a story of loss, redemption and basketball, the film follows 17-year-old Nick Young and his family through a pivotal year in their lives. One of the nation's top college basketball recruits, Young is struggling to graduate from Los Angeles' Cleveland High and raise his SAT scores to acceptable levels. At home, his family is still reeling from the gang murder of Young's older brother, killed 13 years earlier. Despite all this, Young carries on, facing each challenge with the same qualities he displays on the court — grace, perseverance and an indomitable spirit.



Damn he knocked him the Fuck Out.

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Everybody knows I work with kids. I get to see and work with some of the most difficult and funny ass kids in the world. Sometimes they make me believe that there is hope for black America and there are the instances when they make me afraid for the future. The conversations that they have with each other and the staff are hilarious and would make you shake your head and cry with laughter. The most popular conversation topic is sex and how much ass they get. Sometimes I laugh at the things they say and sometimes I comment and shoot down their pipe dreams of pornography stardom. This one particular day some of the kids were talking and I decided that I was going to jump in and fuck with them today and school them at the same time. This particular day this 19 year old was talking about how he gets so much ass and how he is doing his thing. After I let him run his mouth for a minute I wanted him to get hype and build himself up before I kick his legs out from under him with my words. After he finished talking about how “he be doing my girl” I decided to ask him if he was the master. By the look on his face I could see that he didn’t have any idea what the heck I was talking about. I asked him how can you claim to be a super lover when you don’t know who the master is. He started to stutter so I began to break down my theory on the master. I said the greatest love of all begins with you. In order for you to love somebody else you have to be able to love yourself. While I’m saying this I can see shortie has no idea what I’m talking about so I break it down for him, the Master is you. In order to make love to a woman you must first be able to love your self and that is through masturbation. Masturbation is just the mastering of the God within. After I said it I see his face frown I knew once I mentioned masturbation he would get all stink so I broke down the word masturbation and what it truly meant.
When you masturbate you are channeling the forces of the god that lives within you to allow you to reach a higher level of being. I know I can see the look on your face young god how can you be trying to achieve salvation through jerking off. It is the release of the forces of life within your instrument that you reach that plateau in which you can visualize life on a higher plane. As I am dropping science on the kid I see that I have his full attention. I know you haven’t heard anybody refer to your joint as an instrument before but it is. Read your bible you will hear reference’s to it as the serpent, rod, and the staff. These are all instruments. It is the power of the melanin that flows within your bloodstream that allows it to become the key of life. Why you think so many of you shorties are always grabbing your joint when you are talking to someone or when you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is grab your joint. It’s so that you can channel that power within your instrument and speak to god and ask him for the knowledge to go forth in your life’s journey. As I finished my statement I could see that I was dropping too much knowledge for the kid so I started to slow it down and bring it to him at his level. I know that I’m giving you too much information and too fast. Just take a moment to digest it. I told you that masturbation is the mastering of yourself and your sexual energy to converse with the god that lives within you. Melanin and/or DNA is the key to life. It is through this chemical compound that you can alter the universe. The soul that resonates in your instrument when utilized properly brings you to a higher level of consciousness, which is called the minds eye. When on the physical plane which we live in the energy often time’s becomes lust, greed, and the need for power. That’s why so often men are accused of thinking with their little head instead of their big one. It is through the channeling of your sexual energy through your brain that you are able to open your mind’s eye which allows you to become in essence a god.
I know you have heard the expression mind, body, and soul what did you think it actually meant shortie. As I drop this jewel on him I can see that the information is coming too fast and too hard so I ask him does he understand what I’m saying to him and he sheepishly nods his head. Now this doesn’t mean that you go in your room tonight and beat off talking about you are trying to talk to god I tell him. He laughs out loud at my comment and states that nah that’s not going to happen. Don’t be in your room tonight channeling your energies and get caught and blame it on me talking about Mr. A told me that this is how you pray to god. Remember that you channel impulsivity that way. It is through your mind’s eye that you talk with god. So to further mess with him I toss him a couple of extra towels and say that’s just in case you want to use the force young Jed

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This is something positive taking place in brooklyn. There is a organization called Mocha Moms who are turning barbershops into bookstores. They are trying to help young males read. I'm loving what they are trying to accomplish. I wish them much success and good luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I believe everybody has an opinion so although I may not agree with what you are saying but I respect your right to express yourself. Watching this clip of Nelly(via and I totally disagree with him and wish he would have kept his mouth shut. I may not agree with the manner Ice T said what he said about Souljah Boy I can respect his right to express his viewpoint. Nelly is just adding fuel to a fire that is already growing out of control. Souljah Boy is making music for his audience I can't even begin to understand what he is talking about nor do I attempt to. My only issue with Souljah Boy would be if he started to tell people to sell drugs or rob people. I believe that when you place yourself in a position of celebrity you have an obligation to uplift and educate those who look up to you. Nelly has shown that he has forgotten that aspect of celebrity and having fans. Sometimes it's not about making money but about helping your brothers and sisters out of their negative situation.

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"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on and it will be better tomorrow."
Maya Angelo


I don't have to say anything about this video. Soccer fans are crazy.

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Everybody hates dying. But some Nigga’s Die Hating – JadaKiss - Hate in your Blood

I was on searching for the proper definition of the word Hater the other day. I went to and I saw several definitions of what it could mean but for this blog I’ll stick to the one that best defines what I’m trying to say. So Hater is define as a person of discernment, with good taste and/or sound ethics, who sees clearly the degenerate, embarrassing, destructive, trite, self-serving, stupid, poor quality, and/or offensive nature of a person, a behavior, a product or a social trend, and says so.
Ladies and Gentlemen I’m a hater. The next question that I ask is am I a hater because I don’t go with the status quo and I express my opinion. Or am I just smart enough to see fault with a system or person, behavior, or social trend. I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards show the other night and I saw a lot of bullshit flash before my eyes in the span of the 2 hours and half that the show was on. Society is so easily programmed by the media and select members of society. I’m watching who the media has selected as the best rapper right now, Lil Wayne. As a rap fan I have marveled at how much he has improved and become a well rounded rapper but for me to call him the best rapper alive, hell no. However when your only competition is Souljah Boy, Hurricane Chris, Bow Wow, and Young Jeezy there aren’t many lyrical people in this group but this is his primary competition. Sitting here watching the VMA’s I realize why I hate this motherfucker so much, it’s not because of his rapping skills it’s because of his lack of concern about the influence he has on the youth. He’s parading around flashing his bandana broadcasting his gang affiliation. Gang violence is on the rise again and here is the so called most popular rapper (christened by the media) influencing countless children to join a gang. Many people aren’t going to agree with my thinking stating that rappers don’t have that type of influence over kids. However with the help of a powerful media machine, Viacom: MTV, BET, VH1, Spike TV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, and TV Land you can influence a legion of people. So as I sit here watching this vehicle of control I realize how lost society has become. As a society we are influenced by drug addicts, prison culture, and television. So now we have the blind leading the blind with Lil Wayne leading the youth through his music. For this reason I am a hater I can’t fuck with this type of thinking. So sitting here watching this awards show I am amazed at how society has embraced Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse. They are both examples of the ills of society. They both have suffered from drug abuse and mental diseases. They have also won major awards this year. In my eyes the media is advocating this behavior. They are trying to keep society medicated and complacent by promoting drug use. So to this behavior I am glad to say that I am a Hater. Hi.

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This weekednd is the inductions to the Basketball Hall Of Fame. There are countless greats who have been inducted but this weekend we celebrate the greatness of No. 33 Patrick Ewing. Although he unfortunatedly couldn't win a championship Pat is on of the alltime greatest centers to play the game.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I love the television show Heroes. I'm addicted to that show. I watch it faithfully every monday. It reminds me of how the X Men comic books were in the early 1980's. I can't wait until September 22 for the new season to drop

Thursday, September 4, 2008


When everybody says Fuck Fox News they can’t just limit it to Fox News. They have to include the parent company as well News Corporation aka News Corp. News Corp is the third largest media conglomerate behind Time Warner and Disney which is run by Rupert Murdoch. So when I say Fuck Fox I also am saying fuck the other companies that are aligned and part of the News Corp family. I must say fuck Fox Sports so damn I won’t be watching any NFL games on any of the Fox Sports channels. Saying fuck Fox I won’t be able to watch any Big Ten football (Go Sooners) or basketball games because I’m saying fuck Fox College Sports Channel. So do I really mean fuck Fox because I won’t be able to watch my favorite pro Football and College Football teams play. Shit let me rethink that. But they are consistently disrespecting black people so Fuck em. But if I say Fuck Fox I’m also saying fuck Fox Broadcasting Company that means Fuck shows like Prison Break, American Idol, 24, and Bones. I love these shows but I’m going in when I say fuck Fox so fuck them too. So Fuck Fox but that also means fuck 20th Century Fox and all the movies that Fox puts out. That means fuck X-Men 3, fuck Star Wars episode 3 Revenge of the Sith, fuck Big Momma’s House, fuck Ice Age, fuck Casper, fuck Soul Food. Damn that’s a lot of movies I got to say fuck you too. I can’t do it. I’m gonna have to rethink my position. My son loves Ice Age and Alvin and the Chipmunks how do I tell him that Daddy is protesting something he doesn’t understand. So when I say fuck Fox I’m saying fuck you to the Hughley’s, fuck you to Family Guy, fuck you to Futurama, fuck you to X-Files, and fuck you to NYPD Blues. Aw hell what the heck am I supposed to watch? Ok fuck it I’ll just read books then so fuck Fox. But wait they own HarperCollins which is a huge book company. So that means fuck Paulo Coehlo and the Alchemist, fuck James Rollins and the Last Oracle, fuck, fuck Faye Kellerman and the Mercedes Coffin. Damn I’m not gonna be able to anything but read the news paper or magazines. But if I say Fuck Fox I’m saying fuck the New York Post and their racist asses, fuck the Wall Street Journal and fuck Barron’s. Damn it this shit is driving me nuts so fuck it. I’m just going to get on the internet and chill on MySpace. But if I saw fuck Fox I’m also saying fuck MySpace since they own this shit now. Aw shit I guess the revolution will not be televised this time around.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yesterday was the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. I usually go every year that I don't work. I like to go towards the end so I don't have to deal with the heat and the huge crowds for a long period of time. This year was no exception it was crowded and very hot. I was chilling and relaxing until the Hot 97 Float came through. I didn't know at the time who was on the float but the crowd was deep when they came through. It was already hot but when they came through they brought the heat with them. For over five minutes a sea of black, green, and yellow walked pass me. On the float was Beenie Man, Foxy Brown, Elephant man, Kardinal Offishall, Tony Matterhorn, and Serani. This was a beautiful event and was not filled with senseless violence and shootings like in the past years. Everything was great but I didn't get any Peas and Rice with my Jerk Chicken.


I was on a blog ( the other day and I saw something that caused me to pause. It was the date August 23, 1989. Even though it is 19 years later I can still remember what I did that day. It was August and I had a job that summer working as a messenger for Grace Messenger services. We delivered the payroll for businesses that were affiliated with Chemical Bank and they worked out of 55 Water Street. After work that day my homeboy and I went back to the hood and we chilled for a couple of hours and until he went to go see his girl and I went upstairs to see my moms and to eat. It was a hot ass August evening and we didn’t have Air Conditioning yet so I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up the next day like I normally do and was happy because it was going to be payday. I had planned to go to the movies that night. While riding the train I saw something I will never forget and which changed my life forever. It was the cover of the Daily News and it showed a senseless crime a murder that shooked the foundation of my city. A 16 year old African –America youth was shot to death by a mob of over 30 white males in Bensonhurt, Brooklyn. Yusef Hawkins and two of his friends went into the predominantly Italian neighborhood to answer an ad about a car. This senseless killing still hurts me to my heart because I can remember going with my cousin to his basketball games in Bensonhurt and he would be afraid to stay after dark because he wanted to get out of the neighborhood before the white guys come around. I was too young and stupid to understand what he meant then but less than 6 years later the murder of Yusef Hawkins made me understand what he meant at the time.
I am mad at myself because I forgot the anniversary of a significant time period for me. 1989 was the year I changed as a person and started to develop the foundation for the man I have become. So by the time this blog goes up I will have a private memorial for Yusef Hawkins. I’m going to walk by his mural on Verona Avenue and Fulton Street say a little prayer, go home and drink some henny and cry myself to sleep. Because now 19 years later the change that we prayed would come from his death is now possible with Barack Obama in position to win the Presidential Election. However no matter the results of the election I will never ever forget Yusef Hawkins and the manner in which he was taken from his family. Rest in Peace God

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love to read. Reading books are my favorite pasttime. Even when I was playing basketball everyday I always read a book. My love for books is live an addiction. My favorite new author for now is Stephen L. Carter. He is a Law Professor at Yale University who happens to write fascinating literature. He has great character development and his stories get stronger as the book continues. I have bought all three of his book, Emperor of Ocean Park, New England White, and Palace Council. They are all suspense thrillers based on the elite black upper class. They are outstandingly written and draw you in instantly. My favorite is the Emperor of Ocean Park. This book is about a law school professor, Talcott Garland who is a successful law professor and a devoted family man. When his father, a disgraced former Supreme Court nominee and former federal judge, is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Talcott Garland suspects foul play. Guided by the elements of a mysterious puzzle that his father left, Talcott must risk his marriage his career, and even his life in his quest for justice. The use of law, puzzles, and chess makes this book a must have.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Words can't express the power in the words Michelle Obama spoke monday night. She took the world by storm with her speech and announced on the biggest stage that win or lose the Obama's are a force to reckon with. I'm a basketball fan and I can tie everything to basketball. Michelle and Barack are the new Kobe and Shaq, the Jordan and Pippen for the new millenium. They are a Dynasty in the making. I'm glad I was able to witness it


I was talking with someone the other day and we were talking about the perfect woman. I feel that the perfect woman is like the perfect basketball player. She must be physically compatible with me and my ideals. She has to be able to walk into a room either with me or alone and make everybody turn their heads. She should make the men say "who the fuck is she with" and the woman say "who the hell is she". It's with the combination of power and grace that she can command respect amongst all those she encounters. She is essentially the baddest chick in a room filled with other bad chicks. The perfect woman should be able to instill confidence in her man by showing complete confidence in him and his abilities. This is similar to how the perfect ball player will pass the game winning shot to an open teammate because they have the better shot and in order to instill in them the confidence to take an important shot to win a game. The perfect female is everything you could want in a companion. She likes and is knowledgeable about sports to the point she is an asset in your fantasy football league. If you like to blaze the perfect companion not only blazes but can tell you where to get the best shit without the seeds and the hassle. Shit she might roll up better than you do. The ultimate ball player is pretty much unstoppable when he wants to be. Amongst a collection of the best players in the world he is the best. In my eyes the ultimate ball player is Lebron James. He has shown that he is slowing taking the title of the best player in the world away from Kobe Bryant. He is 6ft 8in and 270 lbs but he runs like a man smaller than him and jumps so easily that he makes it look effortless. So fellas from now on when you get a girl who you believe is a perfect combination of all the things you are looking for you can call her a Lebron or King James. She is the franchise player we all want to build our teams around. So ladies step your game up dudes are looking for Lebron James not Jared Jeffries

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Affairs

I'm chilling in Canarsie Park with my family for my cousins son's birthday. Hopefully this week a fight doesn't break out like it did last week. Can't have black people, liquor, and weed in the same event.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eight for Eight

Michael Phelps has done what many felt was impossible, won 8 Gold Medals in a single Olympics. He is a bad man not only did he win 8 Gold's he also set 7 world records in doing so. This feat is astonishing. I can't swim a lick but I have an appreciation for someone doing something inspiring. So to Michael Phelps you are the best athlete on the planet right now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today I went to have my MRI done. I already know that I have a torn meniscus I am just trying to determine how bad a tear I have. I have been sitting in the doctor's office for over two hour's now and I'm getting pissed. I have no patience whatsoever. When I finally do get my MRI the procedure is 25 minutes and I am not supposed to move which is difficult to do. They give you a tight ass robe to wear. Mines was so damn tight and short I had to put on two. After I get the procedure I look on the computer screen and I see my knee and the tear in it. I have to wait five business days to speak with my doctor and see what my options are. I really don't want to get knee surgery but if I have to I will.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pound for Pound

It is 8:40 in the morning and I'm watching the Olympics and Team USA play Angola. I'm also watching history in the making Lebron James is taking the mythical title as the Pound for Pound best basketball player in the world.He's on his Jordan shit. He's thugging out everybody he goes against so they will be no dispute as to who is the best player in the world. I expected Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and / or Jason Kidd to step up but Lebron has taken the torch and run with it literally. He has me feening to see what he does this NBA season. I see an MVP season coming. I better take my butt to bed I have to go to work in a few hours.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This is an excerpt from my book The Miseducation Of Black Pipe

The Black Pipe Commandments

“I have been in this game for years, it made me an animal. There’s rules to this shit I wrote me a manual, a step by step booklet to get your game on track not your wig push back” The Notorious B.I.G. dropped a jewel when he dropped the ten crack commandments it was both informative and humorous. Brothers have got the game twisted. Everybody wants to be a player but do not know how to play the game. I felt that I needed to drop some rules for the brothers out there; they are messing up what others have laid down. I feel that rules are like commandments. They should always be followed and never should be bended. If they are followed correctly a brother should have no problem maintaining his status. The First Black Pipe Commandment is that Brothers should tell the truth from the beginning when they meet a girl. I live by the motto “It is what it is”. This means that you are not my girl and I am not your man, we are two adults having consensual sex. Brothers lie to girls to have sex with them not thinking that maybe the girl only wanted to have sex also. The most important part of this rule is that the boundaries have already been set. The girl knows that you are only interested in sex and nothing else. Brothers complicate things when they lie to a girl and tell her they want a relationship when they only want sex. The female will believe you want to be her man and will start believing you two are together. Everything will be going smooth until your wife finds out about the other woman. When your wife confronts the other girl the first thing the other woman will say to her is “he told me he didn’t have a girlfriend”. Every man is guilty of having done this one time or another. There should be no need to lie to a girl, she can only say no and you cannot miss what you never had.
The Second Black Pipe Commandment is that Brothers need to stop treating the one that they are in a relationship with like the girl they are only sleeping with. The way most guys get caught cheating is they change the way they treat their girlfriends. They become more hostile and become very defensive when they are asked a question. They snap at her when she asks him a question. Gentleman this is a sure fire way for your girlfriend to get suspicious and start playing detective. I had a friend name Tony who was creeping on his wife. Tony would start talking to his wife like she was a girl he just met. They would get in arguments and he would call her disrespectful names. He began doing things to her that he did not do before he got a side girl. It was not long before he started to slip up at home and talk to his wife about things he did with his girlfriend that he thought he did with her, needless to say his wife started to put two and two together and she left him.
The Third Black Pipe Commandment is that Brother’s need to stop bragging to their boys about what their sexual escapades did to them. Brothers are envious of each other when it comes to sexual conquest. When Brothers meet a girl that turns them out sexually we want to brag about it to the world, so we tell our boy who is both envious and scheming. Your boy is scheming on how he can get this girl away from you and in his arms. I had a friend name Fred who told all his friends about this girl he had that was bisexual and had a girlfriend who was down for threesomes. Fred’s friend Wayne was envious of him and plotted on how to get the girl from him. Wayne would always try to play Wayne out in front of the girl and talk bad about him to the girl. The girl would ignore Wayne and tell Fred that Wayne was hating on him but Fred would just laugh it off. When Wayne told the girl that Fred was talking about her sexuality to everybody she dumped Fred and got with him. Brothers should know to not brag to their friends about any woman they meet.
The Fourth Black Pipe Commandment is that brothers need to stop using easy passwords for their Voicemail code on their cell phone. The most incriminating evidence is the message on your voice mail that your girl has heard. I remember a time when my girlfriend took my voice mail code off of her work phone and went on the computer and pulled up my phone records for the last six months. She then proceeded too call all the numbers that she did not recognize and questioned every girl who answered about the nature of our relationship. A few girls held me down because I told them beforehand that I had an inquisitive girlfriend, but one of them wanted to mess my situation up and told my girl all types of lies. I was upset but that is one of the consequences of the game. I was busted and I had no one to blame but myself because I let my girlfriend find my code. I got out of the sticky situation but I still hear about it every time we have an argument.
The Fifth Black Pipe Commandment is very controversial and may backfire on you. I do not suggest you try to apply it if you are not a master in your craft. The Fifth Black Pipe Commandment is that if your girl’s friend acts like she does not like you chances are she is really feeling you and is jealous of your girl. Many men meet their girl when she is out with her friends. Sometimes all the girls will be feeling you, so you will choose the one that you are attracted to. The other girls maybe bitter and have harsh feelings towards you because you chose some one else. As the relationship progresses between your girl and you, she will brag to her friends about all the things that you do for. There will be the one girl who will stay bitter towards you for no other reason but the fact that you did not chose her. She will tell your girl every time that she bumps into you in the club. Every place that you and her run into each other she will tell your girl everything you do. She will be in your girl’s ear telling her that you are a dog and up to no good. The only way you can get this girl off your back is to push up on the girl and see if she takes the bait. A man who is smooth and has his game down tight can pull this off; but I suggest that anybody who is a freshman in this game should not attempt this. A true player can push up on the friend, sleep with her so she can back up off you and give your relationship some space. She can no longer hold over your head what you do because she slept with you. This makes her an unfaithful friend and a betrayer of your girls trust. If she was truly your girl’s friend she will be feeling guilty and keep your affair a secret, if she is a vindictive person you and your relationship is in trouble. The best part of this Commandment is that if you are able to pull it off you get to kill two birds with one stone, you get too knock down two friends and you have dirt on the friend so she can’t tell.
The Sixth Black Pipe Commandment is that Brothers need to explain clearly about what role they want the other woman to play. I believe that all relationships are similar to Basketball teams. I consider my team the Lakers and I am Shaquille O’Neal, my girl is Kobe Bryant. I do not need another star on my team I need a role player like Devan George or Robert Horry. I do not have enough shot attempts or minutes for Tracey McGrady. Tracey and Kobe play the same position there is not enough minutes or shot attempts for me to keep them both, one has to go. I always tell my girl that the team runs through me she can get her shots off after I get my shots, but I am the focal point of the team. A team with Shaq, Kobe, and Tracey will look good on paper but it will destroy the chemistry of my team. I need role players on my team not another star.
The Seventh Black Pipe Commandment is that brothers need to stop fronting. We Brothers have a nasty habit of saying something and not really meaning it. We may be saying it out of anger and not clearly thinking but the words still leave our mouths. I had a friend named Darius who had a habit of doing this. He would argue with his girl when we were around and tell her that she was just his jump off and not his girl. We would always tell him that he did not have to front for us. He would tell her that she was free to do what ever she wanted to do. If this was true there was nothing wrong with telling her that, it is important to let a girl know where she stands. The problem was the words would leave his mouth but his actions would be saying something totally different. He was talking out his ass. Darius’s girl got tired of hearing him say this and started to do her thing like he instructed her to do. She would go on dates with other dudes and he would be getting upset and be ready to fight. She would throw in his face “You told me to do me”, so I am doing me. Darius would be in a funk, but he only had himself to blame. Talking out his ass and not really meaning it had him looking stupid. So I suggest to brothers if you do not mean it you should not say it because you might look stupid. The Eight Black Pipe Commandment is Brothers need to stop telling their girls about the things their friends do. If your friend has several women that he is seeing at the same time and your wife or girlfriend knows about it chances are she doesn’t want you to hang with him. I have a friend named D.J. who is married but has women all over the city. We would hang out occasionally and when my girl found out I was hanging with him she would have an immediate attitude. No matter what we were doing she always assumed that D.J. was hooking me up with women. It was my fault because I would tell her the things that D.J. would do with different women. Whenever we hung out at a club she would see D.J. with different women that weren’t his wife. When she would question me about it I would tell her that the girl was somebody he was messing with. I was at fault because I didn’t tell him not to bring different women around my wife but as a participant in the Game with both should have known better. I however broke what is the Third Black Pipe Commandment but in its regards to my wife. I spoke about what D.J. does to my wife when I should have known better. My friendship with D.J. caused friction in my household. I was made to choose between hanging with my friend and maintaining my relationship. The Ninth Black Pipe Commandment is that Brothers need to respect the Game, “Do unto others as you will have others do unto you”. Brothers are willing to cheat and creep on their girlfriends with no remorse but when the shoes are reversed they become angry and lose control. If you are able to do it expect that your girl can and will do the same thing also. I do not suggest for anyone to follow my Commandments if they are not ready for a life of constant maneuvering and lying, unfortunately that is the true life of a player. I am only laying down Commandments that should be followed if you are serious about laying your game down.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Michael Jackson is the man we arre dissapointed in what he has changed into but his music was the shit for many years. The Thriller album has never been topped Purple Rain comes close but it doesn't match up. This is my favorite MJ song ever. Enjoy

Friday, August 1, 2008


I was over at and I saw he had a link to the Air Obama TShirts from Robust Flavor I got hyped but then once I went to the site I didn't see any XXX T Shirts. Can the big dudes get some love. I can't squeeze into a XX and be representing. Come on Robust Flavor step up and show the big people some love. Your shirts are fly we want to rock them too.


As a man I'm angry but am I angry because of the manner in which they beat this man or am I angry because the man being beaten is black and being manhandled by another black man. This is uncalled for and something needs to be done to stop these random acts of violence. Give us some respect that's all I'm asking for. You can keep everything else just repsect me as a man.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hey Boo

What’s good baby girl? This is probably the hardest shit I had to say in my life but I’m got to say it. I’m writing this letter because I can’t face you in person, I’m a coward. I know you are saying that this is a punk ass move breaking up with you via a letter on MySpace for the entire world to see but I couldn’t look into your eyes and go back on what I need to do. The time comes in every one’s life when they have to leave someone that they care for deeply and this is my time. We have been together and known each other for almost thirty years. You have been with me through everything from when I was a shy awkward little boy with the braces on my feet because I was so pigeon-toed to the bow legged man I am today. However the time has come for me to leave you and it is hurting me to even type these words. Damn why must this love affair between us have to end. I love you with all my heart I don’t want it to be over but I can’t risk what I have for you anymore. I have kids to take care of and I can’t lose that because of you. You understand but it’s going to be difficult for you to face. I know we haven’t been together the entire time but you are special to me and I owe you my life. You got me through high school, college, and half of my adult life, shit you made me a motherf-cking man because you didn’t accept anything but my best. The last four and a half years have been hard for me to watch you with the next Nigga. All I could say to myself is that motherf-cker don’t know how to sport that. Shit he’s lucky I ain’t in the game anymore or I’ll come back and claim my chick. That’s always gonna be mine I would say to myself. Who would have known that this Monday that we would hook back up and you and I would get it on like we never broke up. But with anything as emotional and hard as our love is people only get hurt which is what happened to me. So here I am limping around with my aches and bruises and I’m fucked up for real. I can’t even walk baby girl. I know it’s time for us to end what we have and there is no coming back. I’m too much of a punk to face you so I have to take the punk way out and tell you that I will no longer be playing basketball anymore. I hate to give up the game I love but my body can’t do it anymore. I’m sitting here with a possible torn knee ligament and this shit isn’t pretty. So baby it’s over. I love you but I know we can’t no longer be together.

Love Always

Nomad 33

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I remember when this group came out Ten City, it was the 1990's and Club Music was starting to get popular. My brother played this song and I loved it instantly. Many people loved it even though the lead singer was gay. Byron Stingily used to do his thing.


Well I finally got the opportunity to see the Dark Knight yesterday after two attempts of going to two separate theaters and it being sold out. I thought it was a good movie but not the best movie I seen so far this summer. I rank it third behind The Incredible Hulk and Wanted. Now don’t get me wrong I liked the movie tremendously I felt that Heath Ledger played an outstanding villain. No one else except for John Malkovich could have played the Joker as well as him. He put Jack Nicholson’s version to shame and Jack played an excellent Joker. I’m writing this not to compare who played a better Joker but to talk about the hidden meanings and metaphors behind the concept of the Dark Knight. I spoke with my brother Dre early Sunday morning and he said that after I saw the Dark Knight I would have a lot to write about and he’s right I got a whole lot of shit to say. Now when I go to the movies I usually get mad and stop watching a movie for entertainment after a few minutes because I catch some subliminally jab at black people but while watching the Dark Knight I never did so. Maybe it’s because I have always identified Batman as metaphorically being a Black Man. Every one reading this is probably saying to themselves here he goes with this Black Man shit again; yep you’re right here I go again. As the Batman saga has gone Billionaire Bruce Wayne is orphaned and becomes Batman to avenge his parents and fight evil. He cannot do this as his playboy image can’t be tarnished. It is when he dons a Black suit and mask is he able to freely do what he wants to do. Once he dons his costume he is an outcast as Batman he is able to freely move around and combat crime and evil at night. If you remember in my Rebirth of the Sith Series I stated that it is at night when Melatonin is released into the brain that man reaches his higher level of understanding. It has always been convenient that Batman comes out primarily at night when he is experiencing memories of the ancestor’s or more fittingly his parent’s death. It is the emotion of vengeance that drives Batman and why he fights against villains some vehemently. In this current rendition of Batman he is not like our parents Batman or the early 1990’s version either. He is much darker, sinister, and violent characteristics that are eerily similar and associated with a Black Man henceforth the name of the franchise is changed to the Dark Knight. I’m writing in between writing my two final papers so I won’t go through the entire melanin, pineal gland, serotonin, and neuromelanin saga. I will however say that you can’t have a Dark Knight without melanin which is the basis for human life.
No let’s get back to the movie the Dark Knight. Batman who has given hope and courage to Gotham City meets up with his nemesis the Joker who takes on the task that countless criminals and gangsters have tried and failed to do, kill Batman. His plan is to turn the city of Gotham against the caped crusader by killing innocent civilians until Batman takes off his mask. After five civilians are killed the city turns against Batman with ease. They completely forget about all the years that he selflessly fought to protect Gotham they want his head and blood. It sounds so familiar to me with the way they treat so called Black Celebrities when they go against the grain of white society; look at how they treated Oprah when she endorsed Barack Obama, look at how fast they turned against OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Michael Tyson, and even Michael Jordan. Once they were no longer different than the rest of them in their eyes they threw them to the wolves. Harvey Dent the District Attorney of Gotham City steps up and saves the day. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of man. If I didn’t know any better I would think they were referencing the story of Jesus Christ. In the movie you heard Batman himself refer to Harvey Dent as the White Knight. I understand the metaphorical and historical significance behind calling him the White Knight during the Dark Ages King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fought the barbaric menace of the Black Muslims to keep Christianity alive and White Blood pure from interracial mixing. The White Knight is the symbol of pure Christian Blue Blood that’s why many racist organizations like the Klu Klux Klan refer to themselves as the White Knights of the Christian Right. So you can see the potential battle brewing between the Dark Knight and the White Knight. However Hollywood is too smart for the obvious so they throw twist and turns to confuse people. As you remember Bruce Wayne is in love with his childhood friend Rachel but she won’t dare date him while he is the Dark Knight so he secretly lusts after the White Knights lady. The Joker intercedes in this romantic threesome by kidnapping both Rachael and the White Knight. He offers the Dark Knight the chance to save one of them by giving him the location to their whereabouts which are rigged with explosives and making the Dark Knight choose which one the save. By switching the addresses the Joker forces the Dark Knight to save the White Knight which was not what he wanted to do. (Side Note: If by saving the person who is symbolically viewed as Jesus Christ is the Dark Knight saving his soul and giving himself to the Lord). During the rescue the White Knight is burned on the right side of the body where he now is no longer the White Knight but Two-Face. Two-Face with the prodding of the Joker places the blame of Rachel’s death on the establishment and society. Gone is the symbolic hero but in his place is an individual who sees the world through jaded eyes. This metamorphosis I believe is what many of society’s lighter skinned citizens (White People) go through when they realize that the American Dream doesn’t include them. When they place the blame for all their problems on other races and nationalities than on other factors, this is how so many separatist movements are founded in my eyes.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I hate to even promote this or give this punk motherfucker any type of free publicity but I have to speak my mind. This bitch ass motherfucker has decided to print up shirts and sell them stating that Obama is My Slave. The p-ssy is selling them for $69. An incident occured where this 25 year old white female graduate student was approached and accosted by a group of four African-American females because she was wearing the shirt. She was pushed and the yanked the earplugs out of her ear. I'm not a fan of bullying and group violence but those young ladies should have stomped the living shit out of her stupid ass for wearing that shirt. She is in New York City where there are over 55% of the population are African-American or people of color. That shit isn't gonna wash here. You can do that shit in Idaho or Iowa but not here. After she was roughed up the dumb chick wants to sue the dumb ass who designed the shirt. He is protected by the constitution but he needs his ass beat for even making a shirt like this. His arguement is that he doesn't like Obama because he is a muslim, a claim that he has refuted several times already. I believe in freedom of speech 100% because I even say some outlandish stuff. but on the real he needs his ass beat and anybody caught wearing one of these shirts need their ass beat too. We allow motherfuckers to get away with shit too much. We need to start cracking motherfuckers in their mouth when they speak out of turn. "Don't start no shit won't be no shit". Where the fuck is Puffy at now. Do a video blog about this bitchass behavior. Jesse why don't you cut off the designers nut's. Sharpton this shit is going down in your city why you not boycotting his ass. Maybe I'm overreacting or maybe I'm not.


Aww Nigga You Gay

I was walking down the street listening to my Ipod and I came across one of my guilty pleasure songs Sylvester's You Make me Feel. Man that song is hot as hell for a disco song. The thing that most people may not like or have issues with is Sylvester is in Drag. He was the precusor for RuPaul and every one who came behind him. No to many men would sat that they like this song because of that aspect but shit i love it and bump it in my Ipod hard.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm a Hater. Terence from 106 and Park had my baby momma Keri Hilson on television and he was making goggly eyes and pitching woo. I'm heated. I am at a lost for words. I'm about to lose my girl to a corny VJ lol. What has the world come to.




Monday, July 14, 2008


"For every glance behind us, we have to look twice to the future".

Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's a nice summer day and I'm at work. I haven't been to a summerleague game yet and it's already July. This is my dedication piece to the basketball fans courtesy of YouTube.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


For the last three plus weeks I have been without my laptop. My kids irresponsibly let my battery go all they way down and die. They also put a short in my adapter as well. I am unable to use my laptop because I can't charge it at all. I'm miserable. I had to use my job's computer to finish my two midterm papers. My desktop went kaput also so I'm only able to access the internet from work or my cellphone. I'm miserable. I can't download any new music to my ipod so I'm listening to music that is three weeks old in some cases. I need to order a new battery and adapter but dell no longer is selling my laptop brand. Ewww I could kill my kids lol.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
Robert F. Kennedy

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jazmine Sullivan Need u Bad

This is Jazmine Sullivan she reminds me of a young Lauryn Hill. I saw the video yesterday on I love her voice and the way she sings.


Elton Brand is reportedly going to sing a five year $ 86 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia 76er's. Cory Maggette is going to sign a multiyear deal worth six million per year with the Golden State Warriors. Good luck to both the former Duke Blue Devil's


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

Monday, July 7, 2008



In order to properly educate our children we must have an ideology, which reflects the ideals and aspirations of our people. One component of such an ideology is the importance of seeing the child as a MIND developing in the environment of a physical body in a material world – Dr. Na’im Akbar

Friday, July 4, 2008


Dear Obama

What’s good my dude? I have been meaning to contact you ever since you won the Democratic nomination. Congratulations on becoming the first black candidate to make it that far. You have made an entire nation proud of your accomplishments, especially in the manner in which you have carried yourself with dignity and pride. I would like to say that you have made African-American’s proud to say you are one of us but you and I both know that you aren’t African-American but a man with a Father from African, Kenya and a White Mother. That’s gonna be our little secret because I f-ck’s with you Obama. As long as the name Kaffir Boy doesn’t slip out of your mouth we are good money. I’m also willing to look past your affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, and the Boule’. I understand the need to align yourself with powerful groups as such because without their assistance you will be an outsider trying to look in. Your record within the Senate is almost impeccable. Your resume speaks for itself; you have authored 223 healthcare bills, 125 on poverty and public assistance, 112 crime fighting bills, 97 economic bills, 60 human rights and anti discrimination bills, 21 ethics reform bills, 15 gun control bills, and 6 veterans’ affairs bills. You have made you mark in the 8 years you have held public office. You have authored and co sponsored over 1,986 bills I can’t take anything away from you on that. You have represented your constituents and the people well on that note. As a nation we are in a recession it may take another 4 years or more to pull ourselves out of this rut. Your job is going to be hard and rough in bringing this nation back to prosperity. It might be a setup allowing you to win the Presidential election. But I’m sure that’s something you are willing to chance, who wouldn’t if they were placed in that predicament. I’m proud of you and it is with great pleasure that I’m throwing my support behind you. It’s more so for what you represent to my son’s more so than anything. You represent new hope for millions of younger black men. You are the change that they aspire to become. You are the people’s champ right now. You are bigger than Michael Jordan, bigger than Ali, bigger than Tupac, bigger than Lil Wayne, bigger than Tiger Woods, and bigger than Floyd Mayweather. For many people you are the second coming. I view you as new blood and a chance at redemption for the political party system. You are going to help me believe that the best candidate will win coming from the more popular political parties. Your purpose is bigger than just being the first. You are the fresh air that this country needs. My boy thinks that you are the Manchurian Candidate, too perfect to believe in and planted by the conglomerates and billion dollar corporations. I’m all for conspiracy theories but I’m holding out hope that that isn’t the case. I understand that people of color only represent so much from the economic side, I know you owe some favors to bug business interest that funded your campaign. I also know that as a political power we have but so much true power and clout. I know you need to add a little cream to the coffee I understand that 100%. Just don’t forget the debt that you owe to the people. The debt of helping to make a change for the nation so I understand that you must represent for the red, white, and blue but don’t forget about the red, black, and the green my dude. I’m not going to draw this letter out to long since you are a busy man and I have things to do as well. I just wanted to let you know I acknowledge your purpose and meaning and to say that you are my dude and I’m fucking with you right now.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Damn Son $2.50

The other day I went to get me a slice of pizza from the pizzeria I usually go to. Now normally I order me a slice with extra cheese and a root beer soda but since I started my new diet junk food has not been a part of my diet.I asked for a plain slice and I was shocked when the counterperson told me $2.50 when the hell did pizza go up that high. That's ridiculous. I remember when pizza was raised up to 75 cent and everybody was complaining. I know times are hard and they are raising prices all over but damn that is crazy. I'm gonna have to boycott pizza now because I can't see me paying $2.50 for something that isn't worth it. I'm highly pissed off.


Today my stepdaughter graduated from High School.It's a joyous occassion but also sad. Sad because she is no longer a little girl but a young woman. I'm happy for her because she worked hard for this day

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday I turned 36 years old. It is a beautiful thing to get old especially when you don't know if you are going to live another day because of what you use to be like as a youth. I'm going to be very borin and mild mannered today. I'm going to the buffet with my kids and eat then come back home and finish writing my midterm paper.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Bye Big Willie

The New York Mets fired manager Willie Randolph this morning at 3am. His $138 millioon dollar payroll team has underachieved this season at 34 - 35. Even though it isn't Randolph's fault that his team has not performed this season he still takes the blame and is let go. It's a sad ending to a once promising career

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008


First off let me say "Get the F-ck out of Here". How the hell R. Kelly beat this case. Now I am Pro Black like a mofo but everybody and their mother knows that R. Kedlly is guilty of child pornography. His lawyer is the new Johnnie Cochran for getting him off. I understand if they only had eyewitness accounts but they had videotape footage and he still got off. I guess what they saw about being a celebrity does have it's privileges. As a parent I am appalled I would have to take matters into my own hands now because it seems that the justice system isn't protecting them. It's a damn shame people allow someone's celebrity status to get them off from committing a crime

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Over

It's over I said it. My team the Los Angeles Lakers are finished. How in heavens name do you blow a 24 point lead in the NBA Finals and lose. That's something that shouldn't happen. The Celtics have to believe that no matter what the Lakers throw at them they'll overcome after tonight. I'm sick to my stomach. We need to go see the wizard because we don't have any heart, courage, or a brain. The only bright spot is Kobe can rest up for the Olympics lol. The season is pretty much over game five sunday is just the coronation ceremony for the Celtics.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is coming out this week. I am feening to see it. It has one of my favorite actors Ed Norton in it and I know he is going to do one of the best acting jobs this summer, him and Heath Ledger are going to be the stars of the summer. I have to go to Pennsylvania today for my oldest son's graduation. He is graduating from 8th grade and that is going to be one of my treats to help him celebrate.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The R & B Thug

Reading the post on the internet about the R. Kelly trial over the last couple of weeks it seems that this is the first time that money didn't buy a celebrity a not guilty verdict. R. Kelly seems to be doing badly in his trial on child pornography and child molestation case. His primary defense is that it wasn't him on the sex tape. His reasoning is because he has a mole on his back tha is not appearing on the video (WTF). He could have paid me a lot less than he paid his lawyer and I could have came up with a better defense than that. If everything goes how the pundits are saying R. Kell is going to jail. Damn I wonder if he is built for the experience, how is he going to prepare for the possibilty that he could be going to jail. I know if it was me I would be crying like a baby lol. But this is Chicago and the are known for corruption in elections and fixed juries so R. Kelly has a chance to get off.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Damn it isn't even the third week of June and I already have a scuff on my Uptown's. I thought I was going to be able to make it to July before I had to go buy me a new pair. Oh well I got to go pick up a pair Friday and stash them until my birthday at the end of the month


I am a die hard basketball fan so I can admit when I see something that could spell inevitability. I am also a die hard LA Lakers fan. I grew up on Magic Johnson running up the court with his short shorts throwing no look passes to Worthy and Kareem. I didn’t jump on the band wagon in the late nineties with the addition of Shaq and Kobe. I was rooting for the Lakers when they had Sedale Threatt playing the point and Anthony Peeler at the Shooting Guard, which means we were shitty. Watching the Lakers play in the Finals against the Boston Celtics I am struck by a lot of emotions. Even though I am a Lakers fan I am a New Yorker so I will always hate any team from Boston especially the Celtics. Even though I hate the Celtics I like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. They are from my hometown South Carolina so I have to secretly and silently root for them. I am also rooting for Doc Rivers one because he is a black coach in a sport dominated by white coaches and two because he was also a NY Knick. The officiating in the Finals sucks right now. I can’t understand how Leon Powe shoots more free throws than the entire Lakers team. The refs should be ashamed of themselves because of the way that they are officiating this series. Nobody wants to see them run up the court with their tight ass pants. The ratings are up 38% but the way that the Lakers are getting robbed I would think that the fix is in. I can’t put all the blame for the way the series is going on the refs the Lakers aren’t playing hard as they should. The first thing we need to do is start playing some defense. The Celtics are doing whatever they want to do offensively and we aren’t putting up much resistance. We have to have some type of pride and stand up and fight. When the Lakers were winning Championships over the years we had power players and finesse players evenly balanced. R You can’t win a title like that now our best power player is Kobe Bryant we have turned into a European finesse team in just one season. Everybody wants to compare Kobe and Michael Jordan but there is no comparison Mike would never allow himself to lose in the NBA Finals. His will and desire was that much stronger than anybody else’s that he carried his teams to victory by the sheer dominance of his personality. As good as Kobe maybe he may never be better than Mike the dominance he displayed is still felt because Kobe is chasing his legend. So unless something dramatic happens in the next day where Kobe prays to Michael Jordan to bless him with his heart the Celtics maybe the better team this year. As they should they have more brothers the team than any one else except for the Warriors and Wizards.

Monday, June 9, 2008


The other day at work I was joking around with some of the guys and we were talking about being married and cheating. I said since the 1990’s cheating has changed dramatically and is hard to do if you are in a relationship with a woman who is smart. I said the invention of six things changed the game completely. They asked me what and I told them and everybody was in agreement. I had so much fun I decided to write a log about it.

1) *69 – In the 1990’s the telephone company introduced this innovation. It was designed to give a person the opportunity to return a call that they may have just missed. Unknowingly they changed the dynamics of relationships worldwide. All men have heard stories about their boy’s girlfriend pressing *69 after they got off of the phone because they looked suspicious. Chances were their significant other got the shock of their life when another woman answered. Questions were asked and they usually ended up with the man getting caught. Of course they came out with a way to block *69 but by then it was too late many relationships.

2) Caller ID – Also introduced in the 1990’s Caller ID changed the way cheaters made phone calls. Every call you made from your house to another was electronically documented. If you called a home that had a Caller ID box it was stored the time, date, and number. If a cheater called a number he had to pray that she didn’t call back before his wife or girlfriend came home. Chances were that woman usually called back when you weren’t home and spoke with your woman or girlfriend effectively ending many relationships. The Caller ID box also aided one night stands and jump off’s because they never would let on that they had a person’s number until they were dumped. That’s when they became they stalker calling and hanging up until you had to change your number out of sheer terror of being caught by your girlfriend or wife

3) The Cell Phone – We leave in an era where having a cell phone is mandatory. When they were first introduced to the world they were big and bulky and nobody wanted to carry one. Fast-forward several years later everybody has a cell phone now. There was a time when you could be with your friends drinking or whatever. You could always tell your lady that the payphone in the bar was occupied or broken. No that excuse can’t be used because nine times out of ten all of your friends have cell phones and she has their numbers. Another example of the damage that cell phones have done is a cheater could be out creeping and on a date with a beautiful young lady. One of his lady’s friends will see him and either text his girl or call her informing her that her man is out with another woman. Shit you’ve seen the Avant video, don’t take your love, when the girl took pictures from her cell and forward them to his girl the cell phone has broken up many homes and busted many cheaters both male and female.

4) EZ PASS – The invention of the EZ Pass has ended cheating for many cheaters who drive. When you go through a toll with the EZ Pass it not only deducts the payment but it electronically keeps a record of each location that you drive through. When your wife checks the EZ Pass records and sees deductions from unaccounted for locations she is going to check it out. When your explanations don’t add up she will have you if divorce court with copies of the EZ Pass records as part of her proof.

5) GPS System – The GPS has gotten many cheaters caught due to the relative ease that people forget that they are doing something that they have no business doing. People are used to inputting an address into the GPS when they are lost or need directions on how to get someplace. They also forget to erase the forbidden address as well. This is how a great many cheaters have gotten themselves caught. Their wives or girlfriends check the GPS and see an address that they don’t recognize and either they ask their mate or they investigate further. In conjunction with the EZ Pass the GPS has aided many divorce lawyers achieve monetary settlements that were in favor of their client.

6) The Internet – Everybody knows power of the internet. It has allowed countless people to reach each other and meet. As it has made many love connections It has also become a breeding ground for extra marital affairs and cheating. Black Planet,, blackpeoplemeet, and MySpace have helped to end many relationships because of a person’s greed. Emails between individuals creeping out have provided ammunition in court proceedings both civil and criminal. Wives finding out their husband is setting up secret rendezvous with their ex girlfriends or husbands reading their wives’ blackplanet notes detailing a secret afternoon love session with her boss. A woman reading her boyfriend’s cell phone bill online. These are just a few of the situations that the power of the internet has caused.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Crack is Wack

When I say Crack is Wack I am not speaking about the drug. Nah I’m speaking about the phenomenon that has swept over the country in the last couple of years, ass crack. Ass crack or just for this blog crack is everywhere. It’s bad enough dudes don’t pull their pants up and are showing their drawers and crack but now women are falling into the habit of showing theirs too. Low rider jeans have turned this country into a country full of crack heads. A lot of women are wearing these jeans and low riding underwear not realizing that when they sit down or sit up they are showing their crack. To still a line from Chuck D of Public Enemy “Here it is Bam and you say Got Damn” crack staring me right in my face and I don’t even want it lol. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I don’t mind a little crack but I damn sure don’t want to see it when I’m eating or with my six year old son. Now that summer has arrived I have seen as much crack as I have seen in the last six month’s. Damn it my eyes are hurting somebody please tell them to stop. So this blog is dedicated to everyone who agrees Crack is Wack…… unless you are Halle Berry or Angel Lola Luv I’m just saying I’ll relapse for a minute lol

Monday, June 2, 2008

Be a Father to your Child

Iam at a very positive event geared towards black men and their kids. There is a who's who of people attendinf and speaking. Rhymefest had the most positive and inspirational speech. He brought out his 9 year old son who asked him 5 questions. His response to his son's question whether he felt his son prevented him from doing what he wanted brought tears to Rhymefest's eyes. I almost cried I held it back though.Idecided to write about it in more depth later tonight.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bully - The Gocch

On Sundays I normally don't get up until 4:00pm but I wanted to take my son to get his haircut and go catch Speed Racer. I have worked the last few sundays so I wanted to spend some much needed quality time with him.As my son hates the barbershop much like I did as a kid I didn't tell him or plans until we got down the block from the barbershop. Immediately upon him finding out he started to tear up. The gods must have been on his side because the barbwrshop was close and my next attempt at finding him someplace to get his hair cut resulted in finding a too crowded barbershop. My next course of action was allowing my son to pick what he wanted to do next. I gave him three choices Applebees, McDonalds, or going to see Speed Racer. My son being six year's of age I though Mickey D's would be his choice but he shocked me and chose Applebees. When we got Downtown and started walking towards Applebees my son started pushing me towards Cookies department store. I laughed because I know he wanted me to buy him a toy. So now I'm buying my son a toy, taking him to Applebees, and I still didn't get his haircut. My son is a bully. As I'm sitting here typing this he is punching me in my arm.

I Love Good Hip Hop

I was on the net listening to music today at work and I heard the two best songs this week, Lil Wayne's Mr. Carter featuring Jay Z and LL Cool J's Hi Hater Freestyle. These songs made me appreciate hip hop music tremendously this week. Mr. Carter to me soildify's JAy Z as the Best Rapper Alive. He murdered Lil Wayne on this track. Even though Wayne came off Jay Z showed why he is head and shoulders above everyone else. Lyrically not many people can hold a cup to Jay his verse further illustrated why he is better than your favorite rapper. "I took so much change from this rap game it's your go". Wayne couldn't keep up. You know ayne was fucked up he started to recite an old Jay Z line. Damn homie Sorry young heir you have a way's to go to challenge for the throne. Jay is still the King.
The second hot song of the week is the the Hi Hater Freestyle by LL Cool J. This was classic LL when focused LL is top five. "The G.O.A.T. I helped build the Hip Hop nation. How the four walls going to go hate on the foundation. My Rhyme book created your occupation". Oh shit many people aren't going to understand what LL said until somebody breaks it down for them. I bumped this joint about ten times at work because LL's word play and metaphor's were sick. This was a classic hip hop joint. These are my two hot songs of the week.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Day of Summer School

Today is the first day of summer school. I am taking Social Policy Two and Human Behavior Two. I recieved an A in part one of bothclasses and I am going to try to get an A in both parts now. I have to give myself challenges when it is school time because I get bored very easily and lose interest and focus. I am going to try and maintain a 4.0 in my Masters level classes because I want to prove a point to myself. This Masters in Social Work Degree is part of my five year plan and I want to show that I am totally focused and ready to take control of my destiny.