Thursday, September 11, 2008


Everybody hates dying. But some Nigga’s Die Hating – JadaKiss - Hate in your Blood

I was on searching for the proper definition of the word Hater the other day. I went to and I saw several definitions of what it could mean but for this blog I’ll stick to the one that best defines what I’m trying to say. So Hater is define as a person of discernment, with good taste and/or sound ethics, who sees clearly the degenerate, embarrassing, destructive, trite, self-serving, stupid, poor quality, and/or offensive nature of a person, a behavior, a product or a social trend, and says so.
Ladies and Gentlemen I’m a hater. The next question that I ask is am I a hater because I don’t go with the status quo and I express my opinion. Or am I just smart enough to see fault with a system or person, behavior, or social trend. I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards show the other night and I saw a lot of bullshit flash before my eyes in the span of the 2 hours and half that the show was on. Society is so easily programmed by the media and select members of society. I’m watching who the media has selected as the best rapper right now, Lil Wayne. As a rap fan I have marveled at how much he has improved and become a well rounded rapper but for me to call him the best rapper alive, hell no. However when your only competition is Souljah Boy, Hurricane Chris, Bow Wow, and Young Jeezy there aren’t many lyrical people in this group but this is his primary competition. Sitting here watching the VMA’s I realize why I hate this motherfucker so much, it’s not because of his rapping skills it’s because of his lack of concern about the influence he has on the youth. He’s parading around flashing his bandana broadcasting his gang affiliation. Gang violence is on the rise again and here is the so called most popular rapper (christened by the media) influencing countless children to join a gang. Many people aren’t going to agree with my thinking stating that rappers don’t have that type of influence over kids. However with the help of a powerful media machine, Viacom: MTV, BET, VH1, Spike TV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, and TV Land you can influence a legion of people. So as I sit here watching this vehicle of control I realize how lost society has become. As a society we are influenced by drug addicts, prison culture, and television. So now we have the blind leading the blind with Lil Wayne leading the youth through his music. For this reason I am a hater I can’t fuck with this type of thinking. So sitting here watching this awards show I am amazed at how society has embraced Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse. They are both examples of the ills of society. They both have suffered from drug abuse and mental diseases. They have also won major awards this year. In my eyes the media is advocating this behavior. They are trying to keep society medicated and complacent by promoting drug use. So to this behavior I am glad to say that I am a Hater. Hi.