Saturday, July 19, 2008


I hate to even promote this or give this punk motherfucker any type of free publicity but I have to speak my mind. This bitch ass motherfucker has decided to print up shirts and sell them stating that Obama is My Slave. The p-ssy is selling them for $69. An incident occured where this 25 year old white female graduate student was approached and accosted by a group of four African-American females because she was wearing the shirt. She was pushed and the yanked the earplugs out of her ear. I'm not a fan of bullying and group violence but those young ladies should have stomped the living shit out of her stupid ass for wearing that shirt. She is in New York City where there are over 55% of the population are African-American or people of color. That shit isn't gonna wash here. You can do that shit in Idaho or Iowa but not here. After she was roughed up the dumb chick wants to sue the dumb ass who designed the shirt. He is protected by the constitution but he needs his ass beat for even making a shirt like this. His arguement is that he doesn't like Obama because he is a muslim, a claim that he has refuted several times already. I believe in freedom of speech 100% because I even say some outlandish stuff. but on the real he needs his ass beat and anybody caught wearing one of these shirts need their ass beat too. We allow motherfuckers to get away with shit too much. We need to start cracking motherfuckers in their mouth when they speak out of turn. "Don't start no shit won't be no shit". Where the fuck is Puffy at now. Do a video blog about this bitchass behavior. Jesse why don't you cut off the designers nut's. Sharpton this shit is going down in your city why you not boycotting his ass. Maybe I'm overreacting or maybe I'm not.