Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love to read. Reading books are my favorite pasttime. Even when I was playing basketball everyday I always read a book. My love for books is live an addiction. My favorite new author for now is Stephen L. Carter. He is a Law Professor at Yale University who happens to write fascinating literature. He has great character development and his stories get stronger as the book continues. I have bought all three of his book, Emperor of Ocean Park, New England White, and Palace Council. They are all suspense thrillers based on the elite black upper class. They are outstandingly written and draw you in instantly. My favorite is the Emperor of Ocean Park. This book is about a law school professor, Talcott Garland who is a successful law professor and a devoted family man. When his father, a disgraced former Supreme Court nominee and former federal judge, is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Talcott Garland suspects foul play. Guided by the elements of a mysterious puzzle that his father left, Talcott must risk his marriage his career, and even his life in his quest for justice. The use of law, puzzles, and chess makes this book a must have.