Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hey Boo

What’s good baby girl? This is probably the hardest shit I had to say in my life but I’m got to say it. I’m writing this letter because I can’t face you in person, I’m a coward. I know you are saying that this is a punk ass move breaking up with you via a letter on MySpace for the entire world to see but I couldn’t look into your eyes and go back on what I need to do. The time comes in every one’s life when they have to leave someone that they care for deeply and this is my time. We have been together and known each other for almost thirty years. You have been with me through everything from when I was a shy awkward little boy with the braces on my feet because I was so pigeon-toed to the bow legged man I am today. However the time has come for me to leave you and it is hurting me to even type these words. Damn why must this love affair between us have to end. I love you with all my heart I don’t want it to be over but I can’t risk what I have for you anymore. I have kids to take care of and I can’t lose that because of you. You understand but it’s going to be difficult for you to face. I know we haven’t been together the entire time but you are special to me and I owe you my life. You got me through high school, college, and half of my adult life, shit you made me a motherf-cking man because you didn’t accept anything but my best. The last four and a half years have been hard for me to watch you with the next Nigga. All I could say to myself is that motherf-cker don’t know how to sport that. Shit he’s lucky I ain’t in the game anymore or I’ll come back and claim my chick. That’s always gonna be mine I would say to myself. Who would have known that this Monday that we would hook back up and you and I would get it on like we never broke up. But with anything as emotional and hard as our love is people only get hurt which is what happened to me. So here I am limping around with my aches and bruises and I’m fucked up for real. I can’t even walk baby girl. I know it’s time for us to end what we have and there is no coming back. I’m too much of a punk to face you so I have to take the punk way out and tell you that I will no longer be playing basketball anymore. I hate to give up the game I love but my body can’t do it anymore. I’m sitting here with a possible torn knee ligament and this shit isn’t pretty. So baby it’s over. I love you but I know we can’t no longer be together.

Love Always

Nomad 33