Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is my last post regarding the Presidential Election. This election has set America back 40 years. My reason for saying this is despite over 40 years of rocky race relations the United States of America has made tremendous progress towards all of her citizens. Although as a man of color I believe that they could provide us with better opportunities but that is a conversation for another time. When you compare race relations to 1968 you will see that America has matured. This election is about to tear apart forty years of progress. The race for the Presidency has been one of the dirtiest that I can recall in my 36 years of life on both sides. I watched Hilary Clinton try dirty tactics when she saw that Barack Obama posed a true threat to her. I have witnessed John McCain pull out the race card and then the religion card to whip his supporters into a frenzy. There are so many negative Obama stickers, t-shirts, and videos out there you would think that we are living in the Jim Crow era once again. And this is from a nation that is suppose to be progressive and enlightened. The only person who hasn’t resorted to the negative tactics is the man accused of being a monkey and terrorist, Barack Obama.
John McCain has created a wave of hate so strong that he isn’t able to control it. It is spiraling out of control and going to consume innocent people both black and white. The people’s perception Barack Obama really is has been distorted by the McCain camp and the media. This is our Presidential election the media has the obligation to tell the truth and report the facts to the people. However they have decided against telling the truth but have gone with something juicier, lies. Who is going to compete with you when you own 95% of the newspapers, magazines, and tabloids, no one, reality is what you say it is (Time Warner). So instead of showing the public the hypocrisy and lies they decide instead to print them. The public diplomacy or propaganda that the McCain camp is utilizing is something that Black America has dealt with for over 300 years. Remember we were considered 3/4th’s human for years. All black organizations were considered communist front’s in the 1960’s the same way that they call Obama a terrorist. When they can’t beat you they create lies and propaganda to discredit you so know one would dare stand up to you. Ignorance has been exploited in this Presidential election foolishly. The potential for a race war is a reality that I unfortunately am preparing for. Remember these lyrics,
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
So are we as a people going to stand together and chose the best possible leaders for our nation or are we going to allow disinformation and ignorance guide our hand when we slide the lever on November 11th. I’m not saying that you should vote for Obama because he’s Black or vote for McCain because he’s White. You should vote for the candidate who provides the best opportunity for us to move forward progressively into the new millennium. God willing we will be to Unite the States of America. Peace