Saturday, September 13, 2008


I believe everybody has an opinion so although I may not agree with what you are saying but I respect your right to express yourself. Watching this clip of Nelly(via and I totally disagree with him and wish he would have kept his mouth shut. I may not agree with the manner Ice T said what he said about Souljah Boy I can respect his right to express his viewpoint. Nelly is just adding fuel to a fire that is already growing out of control. Souljah Boy is making music for his audience I can't even begin to understand what he is talking about nor do I attempt to. My only issue with Souljah Boy would be if he started to tell people to sell drugs or rob people. I believe that when you place yourself in a position of celebrity you have an obligation to uplift and educate those who look up to you. Nelly has shown that he has forgotten that aspect of celebrity and having fans. Sometimes it's not about making money but about helping your brothers and sisters out of their negative situation.