Friday, June 27, 2008

Damn Son $2.50

The other day I went to get me a slice of pizza from the pizzeria I usually go to. Now normally I order me a slice with extra cheese and a root beer soda but since I started my new diet junk food has not been a part of my diet.I asked for a plain slice and I was shocked when the counterperson told me $2.50 when the hell did pizza go up that high. That's ridiculous. I remember when pizza was raised up to 75 cent and everybody was complaining. I know times are hard and they are raising prices all over but damn that is crazy. I'm gonna have to boycott pizza now because I can't see me paying $2.50 for something that isn't worth it. I'm highly pissed off.


Today my stepdaughter graduated from High School.It's a joyous occassion but also sad. Sad because she is no longer a little girl but a young woman. I'm happy for her because she worked hard for this day

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday I turned 36 years old. It is a beautiful thing to get old especially when you don't know if you are going to live another day because of what you use to be like as a youth. I'm going to be very borin and mild mannered today. I'm going to the buffet with my kids and eat then come back home and finish writing my midterm paper.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Bye Big Willie

The New York Mets fired manager Willie Randolph this morning at 3am. His $138 millioon dollar payroll team has underachieved this season at 34 - 35. Even though it isn't Randolph's fault that his team has not performed this season he still takes the blame and is let go. It's a sad ending to a once promising career

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008


First off let me say "Get the F-ck out of Here". How the hell R. Kelly beat this case. Now I am Pro Black like a mofo but everybody and their mother knows that R. Kedlly is guilty of child pornography. His lawyer is the new Johnnie Cochran for getting him off. I understand if they only had eyewitness accounts but they had videotape footage and he still got off. I guess what they saw about being a celebrity does have it's privileges. As a parent I am appalled I would have to take matters into my own hands now because it seems that the justice system isn't protecting them. It's a damn shame people allow someone's celebrity status to get them off from committing a crime

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Over

It's over I said it. My team the Los Angeles Lakers are finished. How in heavens name do you blow a 24 point lead in the NBA Finals and lose. That's something that shouldn't happen. The Celtics have to believe that no matter what the Lakers throw at them they'll overcome after tonight. I'm sick to my stomach. We need to go see the wizard because we don't have any heart, courage, or a brain. The only bright spot is Kobe can rest up for the Olympics lol. The season is pretty much over game five sunday is just the coronation ceremony for the Celtics.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is coming out this week. I am feening to see it. It has one of my favorite actors Ed Norton in it and I know he is going to do one of the best acting jobs this summer, him and Heath Ledger are going to be the stars of the summer. I have to go to Pennsylvania today for my oldest son's graduation. He is graduating from 8th grade and that is going to be one of my treats to help him celebrate.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The R & B Thug

Reading the post on the internet about the R. Kelly trial over the last couple of weeks it seems that this is the first time that money didn't buy a celebrity a not guilty verdict. R. Kelly seems to be doing badly in his trial on child pornography and child molestation case. His primary defense is that it wasn't him on the sex tape. His reasoning is because he has a mole on his back tha is not appearing on the video (WTF). He could have paid me a lot less than he paid his lawyer and I could have came up with a better defense than that. If everything goes how the pundits are saying R. Kell is going to jail. Damn I wonder if he is built for the experience, how is he going to prepare for the possibilty that he could be going to jail. I know if it was me I would be crying like a baby lol. But this is Chicago and the are known for corruption in elections and fixed juries so R. Kelly has a chance to get off.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Damn it isn't even the third week of June and I already have a scuff on my Uptown's. I thought I was going to be able to make it to July before I had to go buy me a new pair. Oh well I got to go pick up a pair Friday and stash them until my birthday at the end of the month


I am a die hard basketball fan so I can admit when I see something that could spell inevitability. I am also a die hard LA Lakers fan. I grew up on Magic Johnson running up the court with his short shorts throwing no look passes to Worthy and Kareem. I didn’t jump on the band wagon in the late nineties with the addition of Shaq and Kobe. I was rooting for the Lakers when they had Sedale Threatt playing the point and Anthony Peeler at the Shooting Guard, which means we were shitty. Watching the Lakers play in the Finals against the Boston Celtics I am struck by a lot of emotions. Even though I am a Lakers fan I am a New Yorker so I will always hate any team from Boston especially the Celtics. Even though I hate the Celtics I like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. They are from my hometown South Carolina so I have to secretly and silently root for them. I am also rooting for Doc Rivers one because he is a black coach in a sport dominated by white coaches and two because he was also a NY Knick. The officiating in the Finals sucks right now. I can’t understand how Leon Powe shoots more free throws than the entire Lakers team. The refs should be ashamed of themselves because of the way that they are officiating this series. Nobody wants to see them run up the court with their tight ass pants. The ratings are up 38% but the way that the Lakers are getting robbed I would think that the fix is in. I can’t put all the blame for the way the series is going on the refs the Lakers aren’t playing hard as they should. The first thing we need to do is start playing some defense. The Celtics are doing whatever they want to do offensively and we aren’t putting up much resistance. We have to have some type of pride and stand up and fight. When the Lakers were winning Championships over the years we had power players and finesse players evenly balanced. R You can’t win a title like that now our best power player is Kobe Bryant we have turned into a European finesse team in just one season. Everybody wants to compare Kobe and Michael Jordan but there is no comparison Mike would never allow himself to lose in the NBA Finals. His will and desire was that much stronger than anybody else’s that he carried his teams to victory by the sheer dominance of his personality. As good as Kobe maybe he may never be better than Mike the dominance he displayed is still felt because Kobe is chasing his legend. So unless something dramatic happens in the next day where Kobe prays to Michael Jordan to bless him with his heart the Celtics maybe the better team this year. As they should they have more brothers the team than any one else except for the Warriors and Wizards.

Monday, June 9, 2008


The other day at work I was joking around with some of the guys and we were talking about being married and cheating. I said since the 1990’s cheating has changed dramatically and is hard to do if you are in a relationship with a woman who is smart. I said the invention of six things changed the game completely. They asked me what and I told them and everybody was in agreement. I had so much fun I decided to write a log about it.

1) *69 – In the 1990’s the telephone company introduced this innovation. It was designed to give a person the opportunity to return a call that they may have just missed. Unknowingly they changed the dynamics of relationships worldwide. All men have heard stories about their boy’s girlfriend pressing *69 after they got off of the phone because they looked suspicious. Chances were their significant other got the shock of their life when another woman answered. Questions were asked and they usually ended up with the man getting caught. Of course they came out with a way to block *69 but by then it was too late many relationships.

2) Caller ID – Also introduced in the 1990’s Caller ID changed the way cheaters made phone calls. Every call you made from your house to another was electronically documented. If you called a home that had a Caller ID box it was stored the time, date, and number. If a cheater called a number he had to pray that she didn’t call back before his wife or girlfriend came home. Chances were that woman usually called back when you weren’t home and spoke with your woman or girlfriend effectively ending many relationships. The Caller ID box also aided one night stands and jump off’s because they never would let on that they had a person’s number until they were dumped. That’s when they became they stalker calling and hanging up until you had to change your number out of sheer terror of being caught by your girlfriend or wife

3) The Cell Phone – We leave in an era where having a cell phone is mandatory. When they were first introduced to the world they were big and bulky and nobody wanted to carry one. Fast-forward several years later everybody has a cell phone now. There was a time when you could be with your friends drinking or whatever. You could always tell your lady that the payphone in the bar was occupied or broken. No that excuse can’t be used because nine times out of ten all of your friends have cell phones and she has their numbers. Another example of the damage that cell phones have done is a cheater could be out creeping and on a date with a beautiful young lady. One of his lady’s friends will see him and either text his girl or call her informing her that her man is out with another woman. Shit you’ve seen the Avant video, don’t take your love, when the girl took pictures from her cell and forward them to his girl the cell phone has broken up many homes and busted many cheaters both male and female.

4) EZ PASS – The invention of the EZ Pass has ended cheating for many cheaters who drive. When you go through a toll with the EZ Pass it not only deducts the payment but it electronically keeps a record of each location that you drive through. When your wife checks the EZ Pass records and sees deductions from unaccounted for locations she is going to check it out. When your explanations don’t add up she will have you if divorce court with copies of the EZ Pass records as part of her proof.

5) GPS System – The GPS has gotten many cheaters caught due to the relative ease that people forget that they are doing something that they have no business doing. People are used to inputting an address into the GPS when they are lost or need directions on how to get someplace. They also forget to erase the forbidden address as well. This is how a great many cheaters have gotten themselves caught. Their wives or girlfriends check the GPS and see an address that they don’t recognize and either they ask their mate or they investigate further. In conjunction with the EZ Pass the GPS has aided many divorce lawyers achieve monetary settlements that were in favor of their client.

6) The Internet – Everybody knows power of the internet. It has allowed countless people to reach each other and meet. As it has made many love connections It has also become a breeding ground for extra marital affairs and cheating. Black Planet,, blackpeoplemeet, and MySpace have helped to end many relationships because of a person’s greed. Emails between individuals creeping out have provided ammunition in court proceedings both civil and criminal. Wives finding out their husband is setting up secret rendezvous with their ex girlfriends or husbands reading their wives’ blackplanet notes detailing a secret afternoon love session with her boss. A woman reading her boyfriend’s cell phone bill online. These are just a few of the situations that the power of the internet has caused.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Crack is Wack

When I say Crack is Wack I am not speaking about the drug. Nah I’m speaking about the phenomenon that has swept over the country in the last couple of years, ass crack. Ass crack or just for this blog crack is everywhere. It’s bad enough dudes don’t pull their pants up and are showing their drawers and crack but now women are falling into the habit of showing theirs too. Low rider jeans have turned this country into a country full of crack heads. A lot of women are wearing these jeans and low riding underwear not realizing that when they sit down or sit up they are showing their crack. To still a line from Chuck D of Public Enemy “Here it is Bam and you say Got Damn” crack staring me right in my face and I don’t even want it lol. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I don’t mind a little crack but I damn sure don’t want to see it when I’m eating or with my six year old son. Now that summer has arrived I have seen as much crack as I have seen in the last six month’s. Damn it my eyes are hurting somebody please tell them to stop. So this blog is dedicated to everyone who agrees Crack is Wack…… unless you are Halle Berry or Angel Lola Luv I’m just saying I’ll relapse for a minute lol

Monday, June 2, 2008

Be a Father to your Child

Iam at a very positive event geared towards black men and their kids. There is a who's who of people attendinf and speaking. Rhymefest had the most positive and inspirational speech. He brought out his 9 year old son who asked him 5 questions. His response to his son's question whether he felt his son prevented him from doing what he wanted brought tears to Rhymefest's eyes. I almost cried I held it back though.Idecided to write about it in more depth later tonight.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bully - The Gocch

On Sundays I normally don't get up until 4:00pm but I wanted to take my son to get his haircut and go catch Speed Racer. I have worked the last few sundays so I wanted to spend some much needed quality time with him.As my son hates the barbershop much like I did as a kid I didn't tell him or plans until we got down the block from the barbershop. Immediately upon him finding out he started to tear up. The gods must have been on his side because the barbwrshop was close and my next attempt at finding him someplace to get his hair cut resulted in finding a too crowded barbershop. My next course of action was allowing my son to pick what he wanted to do next. I gave him three choices Applebees, McDonalds, or going to see Speed Racer. My son being six year's of age I though Mickey D's would be his choice but he shocked me and chose Applebees. When we got Downtown and started walking towards Applebees my son started pushing me towards Cookies department store. I laughed because I know he wanted me to buy him a toy. So now I'm buying my son a toy, taking him to Applebees, and I still didn't get his haircut. My son is a bully. As I'm sitting here typing this he is punching me in my arm.

I Love Good Hip Hop

I was on the net listening to music today at work and I heard the two best songs this week, Lil Wayne's Mr. Carter featuring Jay Z and LL Cool J's Hi Hater Freestyle. These songs made me appreciate hip hop music tremendously this week. Mr. Carter to me soildify's JAy Z as the Best Rapper Alive. He murdered Lil Wayne on this track. Even though Wayne came off Jay Z showed why he is head and shoulders above everyone else. Lyrically not many people can hold a cup to Jay his verse further illustrated why he is better than your favorite rapper. "I took so much change from this rap game it's your go". Wayne couldn't keep up. You know ayne was fucked up he started to recite an old Jay Z line. Damn homie Sorry young heir you have a way's to go to challenge for the throne. Jay is still the King.
The second hot song of the week is the the Hi Hater Freestyle by LL Cool J. This was classic LL when focused LL is top five. "The G.O.A.T. I helped build the Hip Hop nation. How the four walls going to go hate on the foundation. My Rhyme book created your occupation". Oh shit many people aren't going to understand what LL said until somebody breaks it down for them. I bumped this joint about ten times at work because LL's word play and metaphor's were sick. This was a classic hip hop joint. These are my two hot songs of the week.