Monday, June 9, 2008


The other day at work I was joking around with some of the guys and we were talking about being married and cheating. I said since the 1990’s cheating has changed dramatically and is hard to do if you are in a relationship with a woman who is smart. I said the invention of six things changed the game completely. They asked me what and I told them and everybody was in agreement. I had so much fun I decided to write a log about it.

1) *69 – In the 1990’s the telephone company introduced this innovation. It was designed to give a person the opportunity to return a call that they may have just missed. Unknowingly they changed the dynamics of relationships worldwide. All men have heard stories about their boy’s girlfriend pressing *69 after they got off of the phone because they looked suspicious. Chances were their significant other got the shock of their life when another woman answered. Questions were asked and they usually ended up with the man getting caught. Of course they came out with a way to block *69 but by then it was too late many relationships.

2) Caller ID – Also introduced in the 1990’s Caller ID changed the way cheaters made phone calls. Every call you made from your house to another was electronically documented. If you called a home that had a Caller ID box it was stored the time, date, and number. If a cheater called a number he had to pray that she didn’t call back before his wife or girlfriend came home. Chances were that woman usually called back when you weren’t home and spoke with your woman or girlfriend effectively ending many relationships. The Caller ID box also aided one night stands and jump off’s because they never would let on that they had a person’s number until they were dumped. That’s when they became they stalker calling and hanging up until you had to change your number out of sheer terror of being caught by your girlfriend or wife

3) The Cell Phone – We leave in an era where having a cell phone is mandatory. When they were first introduced to the world they were big and bulky and nobody wanted to carry one. Fast-forward several years later everybody has a cell phone now. There was a time when you could be with your friends drinking or whatever. You could always tell your lady that the payphone in the bar was occupied or broken. No that excuse can’t be used because nine times out of ten all of your friends have cell phones and she has their numbers. Another example of the damage that cell phones have done is a cheater could be out creeping and on a date with a beautiful young lady. One of his lady’s friends will see him and either text his girl or call her informing her that her man is out with another woman. Shit you’ve seen the Avant video, don’t take your love, when the girl took pictures from her cell and forward them to his girl the cell phone has broken up many homes and busted many cheaters both male and female.

4) EZ PASS – The invention of the EZ Pass has ended cheating for many cheaters who drive. When you go through a toll with the EZ Pass it not only deducts the payment but it electronically keeps a record of each location that you drive through. When your wife checks the EZ Pass records and sees deductions from unaccounted for locations she is going to check it out. When your explanations don’t add up she will have you if divorce court with copies of the EZ Pass records as part of her proof.

5) GPS System – The GPS has gotten many cheaters caught due to the relative ease that people forget that they are doing something that they have no business doing. People are used to inputting an address into the GPS when they are lost or need directions on how to get someplace. They also forget to erase the forbidden address as well. This is how a great many cheaters have gotten themselves caught. Their wives or girlfriends check the GPS and see an address that they don’t recognize and either they ask their mate or they investigate further. In conjunction with the EZ Pass the GPS has aided many divorce lawyers achieve monetary settlements that were in favor of their client.

6) The Internet – Everybody knows power of the internet. It has allowed countless people to reach each other and meet. As it has made many love connections It has also become a breeding ground for extra marital affairs and cheating. Black Planet,, blackpeoplemeet, and MySpace have helped to end many relationships because of a person’s greed. Emails between individuals creeping out have provided ammunition in court proceedings both civil and criminal. Wives finding out their husband is setting up secret rendezvous with their ex girlfriends or husbands reading their wives’ blackplanet notes detailing a secret afternoon love session with her boss. A woman reading her boyfriend’s cell phone bill online. These are just a few of the situations that the power of the internet has caused.