Friday, October 10, 2008


I went to an event in Brooklyn Monday evening, the President of the NAACP was coming to meet members of the Brooklyn Branch. I arrived late but was impressed with the crowd and the younger people in attendance. As me and my boy noticed although there were a good number of younger people in the crowd the leadership was predominantly the older generation. I made the comment that in order for the NAACP to take the next step into the new millenium they need to incorporate more younger people into position of power. The time is now to seize upon the attention that this Presidential election has brought about. So many young people are interested in change they need to mobilze and grab them up and take their ideas and energy to make the NAACP and organization that matters again. I believe that the older generation has done a remarkable job in all that they have achieved for people of color but they need to allow the new generation to come in and take over. They have open the doors to alot of different avenues for people of color. However it is now time for us to take the doors off their hinges and walk through them. That can only happen with new generation of leadership.