Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I tried not to speak on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation because I didn’t want to throw my opinion into a discussion in which all of the facts aren’t known. That was until I watched another celebrity throw another young black brother under the bus. As more and more so called celebrities distance themselves from Chris Brown when is someone going to embrace him? I’m not saying to embrace or condone his irresponsible behavior but to embrace the young boy and show him how to be a man. Have we forgotten that he is a 19 year old kid attempting to be a young man? It is our responsibility as a people to correct his behavior and show him how a real man behaves. As I heard Minister Louis Farrakhan say in a speech “Who other than my Brother and Sister to correct me when I get out of order.” Where is the Diddy Blog telling Chris Brown that men don’t hit women? Where is Russell Simmons telling people that Chris Brown needs to be afforded the same liberty of innocent until proven guilty? Where are any of the male celebrities or public figures speaking up for this young black brother and providing him proper direction on how to become a man? They are nowhere to be found and are allowing the media to destroy another black man.
As we only have heard one side of the story we have unfairly labeled Chris Brown a domestic abuser. In fairness we only have one instance of him actually putting his hands on a woman in an uncaring manner. The media has portrayed him in such a negative light that Chris Brown is guilty in the eyes of the public which is much worse than actually being guilty in the court of law. He has only been charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. He hasn’t been convicted of a crime or even released a statement but everyone is distancing themselves from him. In reality if he is truly guilty of everything that they said that he did to her he needs to pay for his actions. But is his presence better served in jail or is he needed to speak out publicly about the harsh reality of physical violence amongst teens and domestic violence. He can do better by utilizing his celebrity status to bring awareness to a growing epidemic. As a society we are have become desensitized to violence directed to youth and women. We need to do a better job as a nation and community in protecting our women, youth, and each other. But instead we are watching celebrities like Oprah Winfrey apply the kiss of death to not only the career of another young black man his but his life. I didn’t see the outrage when Christian Bale beat his Mother and Sister up. Where was Oprah Winfrey then? Why didn’t his commercials and ads get pulled? I find it hard to believe that racism isn’t a factor but I guess Chris Brown is another N.W.A (Nigg-r Without Appreciation)