Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The R & B Thug

Reading the post on the internet about the R. Kelly trial over the last couple of weeks it seems that this is the first time that money didn't buy a celebrity a not guilty verdict. R. Kelly seems to be doing badly in his trial on child pornography and child molestation case. His primary defense is that it wasn't him on the sex tape. His reasoning is because he has a mole on his back tha is not appearing on the video (WTF). He could have paid me a lot less than he paid his lawyer and I could have came up with a better defense than that. If everything goes how the pundits are saying R. Kell is going to jail. Damn I wonder if he is built for the experience, how is he going to prepare for the possibilty that he could be going to jail. I know if it was me I would be crying like a baby lol. But this is Chicago and the are known for corruption in elections and fixed juries so R. Kelly has a chance to get off.