Saturday, September 20, 2008


Everybody knows I work with kids. I get to see and work with some of the most difficult and funny ass kids in the world. Sometimes they make me believe that there is hope for black America and there are the instances when they make me afraid for the future. The conversations that they have with each other and the staff are hilarious and would make you shake your head and cry with laughter. The most popular conversation topic is sex and how much ass they get. Sometimes I laugh at the things they say and sometimes I comment and shoot down their pipe dreams of pornography stardom. This one particular day some of the kids were talking and I decided that I was going to jump in and fuck with them today and school them at the same time. This particular day this 19 year old was talking about how he gets so much ass and how he is doing his thing. After I let him run his mouth for a minute I wanted him to get hype and build himself up before I kick his legs out from under him with my words. After he finished talking about how “he be doing my girl” I decided to ask him if he was the master. By the look on his face I could see that he didn’t have any idea what the heck I was talking about. I asked him how can you claim to be a super lover when you don’t know who the master is. He started to stutter so I began to break down my theory on the master. I said the greatest love of all begins with you. In order for you to love somebody else you have to be able to love yourself. While I’m saying this I can see shortie has no idea what I’m talking about so I break it down for him, the Master is you. In order to make love to a woman you must first be able to love your self and that is through masturbation. Masturbation is just the mastering of the God within. After I said it I see his face frown I knew once I mentioned masturbation he would get all stink so I broke down the word masturbation and what it truly meant.
When you masturbate you are channeling the forces of the god that lives within you to allow you to reach a higher level of being. I know I can see the look on your face young god how can you be trying to achieve salvation through jerking off. It is the release of the forces of life within your instrument that you reach that plateau in which you can visualize life on a higher plane. As I am dropping science on the kid I see that I have his full attention. I know you haven’t heard anybody refer to your joint as an instrument before but it is. Read your bible you will hear reference’s to it as the serpent, rod, and the staff. These are all instruments. It is the power of the melanin that flows within your bloodstream that allows it to become the key of life. Why you think so many of you shorties are always grabbing your joint when you are talking to someone or when you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is grab your joint. It’s so that you can channel that power within your instrument and speak to god and ask him for the knowledge to go forth in your life’s journey. As I finished my statement I could see that I was dropping too much knowledge for the kid so I started to slow it down and bring it to him at his level. I know that I’m giving you too much information and too fast. Just take a moment to digest it. I told you that masturbation is the mastering of yourself and your sexual energy to converse with the god that lives within you. Melanin and/or DNA is the key to life. It is through this chemical compound that you can alter the universe. The soul that resonates in your instrument when utilized properly brings you to a higher level of consciousness, which is called the minds eye. When on the physical plane which we live in the energy often time’s becomes lust, greed, and the need for power. That’s why so often men are accused of thinking with their little head instead of their big one. It is through the channeling of your sexual energy through your brain that you are able to open your mind’s eye which allows you to become in essence a god.
I know you have heard the expression mind, body, and soul what did you think it actually meant shortie. As I drop this jewel on him I can see that the information is coming too fast and too hard so I ask him does he understand what I’m saying to him and he sheepishly nods his head. Now this doesn’t mean that you go in your room tonight and beat off talking about you are trying to talk to god I tell him. He laughs out loud at my comment and states that nah that’s not going to happen. Don’t be in your room tonight channeling your energies and get caught and blame it on me talking about Mr. A told me that this is how you pray to god. Remember that you channel impulsivity that way. It is through your mind’s eye that you talk with god. So to further mess with him I toss him a couple of extra towels and say that’s just in case you want to use the force young Jed