Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am a die hard basketball fan so I can admit when I see something that could spell inevitability. I am also a die hard LA Lakers fan. I grew up on Magic Johnson running up the court with his short shorts throwing no look passes to Worthy and Kareem. I didn’t jump on the band wagon in the late nineties with the addition of Shaq and Kobe. I was rooting for the Lakers when they had Sedale Threatt playing the point and Anthony Peeler at the Shooting Guard, which means we were shitty. Watching the Lakers play in the Finals against the Boston Celtics I am struck by a lot of emotions. Even though I am a Lakers fan I am a New Yorker so I will always hate any team from Boston especially the Celtics. Even though I hate the Celtics I like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. They are from my hometown South Carolina so I have to secretly and silently root for them. I am also rooting for Doc Rivers one because he is a black coach in a sport dominated by white coaches and two because he was also a NY Knick. The officiating in the Finals sucks right now. I can’t understand how Leon Powe shoots more free throws than the entire Lakers team. The refs should be ashamed of themselves because of the way that they are officiating this series. Nobody wants to see them run up the court with their tight ass pants. The ratings are up 38% but the way that the Lakers are getting robbed I would think that the fix is in. I can’t put all the blame for the way the series is going on the refs the Lakers aren’t playing hard as they should. The first thing we need to do is start playing some defense. The Celtics are doing whatever they want to do offensively and we aren’t putting up much resistance. We have to have some type of pride and stand up and fight. When the Lakers were winning Championships over the years we had power players and finesse players evenly balanced. R You can’t win a title like that now our best power player is Kobe Bryant we have turned into a European finesse team in just one season. Everybody wants to compare Kobe and Michael Jordan but there is no comparison Mike would never allow himself to lose in the NBA Finals. His will and desire was that much stronger than anybody else’s that he carried his teams to victory by the sheer dominance of his personality. As good as Kobe maybe he may never be better than Mike the dominance he displayed is still felt because Kobe is chasing his legend. So unless something dramatic happens in the next day where Kobe prays to Michael Jordan to bless him with his heart the Celtics maybe the better team this year. As they should they have more brothers the team than any one else except for the Warriors and Wizards.