Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bully - The Gocch

On Sundays I normally don't get up until 4:00pm but I wanted to take my son to get his haircut and go catch Speed Racer. I have worked the last few sundays so I wanted to spend some much needed quality time with him.As my son hates the barbershop much like I did as a kid I didn't tell him or plans until we got down the block from the barbershop. Immediately upon him finding out he started to tear up. The gods must have been on his side because the barbwrshop was close and my next attempt at finding him someplace to get his hair cut resulted in finding a too crowded barbershop. My next course of action was allowing my son to pick what he wanted to do next. I gave him three choices Applebees, McDonalds, or going to see Speed Racer. My son being six year's of age I though Mickey D's would be his choice but he shocked me and chose Applebees. When we got Downtown and started walking towards Applebees my son started pushing me towards Cookies department store. I laughed because I know he wanted me to buy him a toy. So now I'm buying my son a toy, taking him to Applebees, and I still didn't get his haircut. My son is a bully. As I'm sitting here typing this he is punching me in my arm.