Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well I finally got the opportunity to see the Dark Knight yesterday after two attempts of going to two separate theaters and it being sold out. I thought it was a good movie but not the best movie I seen so far this summer. I rank it third behind The Incredible Hulk and Wanted. Now don’t get me wrong I liked the movie tremendously I felt that Heath Ledger played an outstanding villain. No one else except for John Malkovich could have played the Joker as well as him. He put Jack Nicholson’s version to shame and Jack played an excellent Joker. I’m writing this not to compare who played a better Joker but to talk about the hidden meanings and metaphors behind the concept of the Dark Knight. I spoke with my brother Dre early Sunday morning and he said that after I saw the Dark Knight I would have a lot to write about and he’s right I got a whole lot of shit to say. Now when I go to the movies I usually get mad and stop watching a movie for entertainment after a few minutes because I catch some subliminally jab at black people but while watching the Dark Knight I never did so. Maybe it’s because I have always identified Batman as metaphorically being a Black Man. Every one reading this is probably saying to themselves here he goes with this Black Man shit again; yep you’re right here I go again. As the Batman saga has gone Billionaire Bruce Wayne is orphaned and becomes Batman to avenge his parents and fight evil. He cannot do this as his playboy image can’t be tarnished. It is when he dons a Black suit and mask is he able to freely do what he wants to do. Once he dons his costume he is an outcast as Batman he is able to freely move around and combat crime and evil at night. If you remember in my Rebirth of the Sith Series I stated that it is at night when Melatonin is released into the brain that man reaches his higher level of understanding. It has always been convenient that Batman comes out primarily at night when he is experiencing memories of the ancestor’s or more fittingly his parent’s death. It is the emotion of vengeance that drives Batman and why he fights against villains some vehemently. In this current rendition of Batman he is not like our parents Batman or the early 1990’s version either. He is much darker, sinister, and violent characteristics that are eerily similar and associated with a Black Man henceforth the name of the franchise is changed to the Dark Knight. I’m writing in between writing my two final papers so I won’t go through the entire melanin, pineal gland, serotonin, and neuromelanin saga. I will however say that you can’t have a Dark Knight without melanin which is the basis for human life.
No let’s get back to the movie the Dark Knight. Batman who has given hope and courage to Gotham City meets up with his nemesis the Joker who takes on the task that countless criminals and gangsters have tried and failed to do, kill Batman. His plan is to turn the city of Gotham against the caped crusader by killing innocent civilians until Batman takes off his mask. After five civilians are killed the city turns against Batman with ease. They completely forget about all the years that he selflessly fought to protect Gotham they want his head and blood. It sounds so familiar to me with the way they treat so called Black Celebrities when they go against the grain of white society; look at how they treated Oprah when she endorsed Barack Obama, look at how fast they turned against OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Michael Tyson, and even Michael Jordan. Once they were no longer different than the rest of them in their eyes they threw them to the wolves. Harvey Dent the District Attorney of Gotham City steps up and saves the day. He is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of man. If I didn’t know any better I would think they were referencing the story of Jesus Christ. In the movie you heard Batman himself refer to Harvey Dent as the White Knight. I understand the metaphorical and historical significance behind calling him the White Knight during the Dark Ages King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fought the barbaric menace of the Black Muslims to keep Christianity alive and White Blood pure from interracial mixing. The White Knight is the symbol of pure Christian Blue Blood that’s why many racist organizations like the Klu Klux Klan refer to themselves as the White Knights of the Christian Right. So you can see the potential battle brewing between the Dark Knight and the White Knight. However Hollywood is too smart for the obvious so they throw twist and turns to confuse people. As you remember Bruce Wayne is in love with his childhood friend Rachel but she won’t dare date him while he is the Dark Knight so he secretly lusts after the White Knights lady. The Joker intercedes in this romantic threesome by kidnapping both Rachael and the White Knight. He offers the Dark Knight the chance to save one of them by giving him the location to their whereabouts which are rigged with explosives and making the Dark Knight choose which one the save. By switching the addresses the Joker forces the Dark Knight to save the White Knight which was not what he wanted to do. (Side Note: If by saving the person who is symbolically viewed as Jesus Christ is the Dark Knight saving his soul and giving himself to the Lord). During the rescue the White Knight is burned on the right side of the body where he now is no longer the White Knight but Two-Face. Two-Face with the prodding of the Joker places the blame of Rachel’s death on the establishment and society. Gone is the symbolic hero but in his place is an individual who sees the world through jaded eyes. This metamorphosis I believe is what many of society’s lighter skinned citizens (White People) go through when they realize that the American Dream doesn’t include them. When they place the blame for all their problems on other races and nationalities than on other factors, this is how so many separatist movements are founded in my eyes.