Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was talking with someone the other day and we were talking about the perfect woman. I feel that the perfect woman is like the perfect basketball player. She must be physically compatible with me and my ideals. She has to be able to walk into a room either with me or alone and make everybody turn their heads. She should make the men say "who the fuck is she with" and the woman say "who the hell is she". It's with the combination of power and grace that she can command respect amongst all those she encounters. She is essentially the baddest chick in a room filled with other bad chicks. The perfect woman should be able to instill confidence in her man by showing complete confidence in him and his abilities. This is similar to how the perfect ball player will pass the game winning shot to an open teammate because they have the better shot and in order to instill in them the confidence to take an important shot to win a game. The perfect female is everything you could want in a companion. She likes and is knowledgeable about sports to the point she is an asset in your fantasy football league. If you like to blaze the perfect companion not only blazes but can tell you where to get the best shit without the seeds and the hassle. Shit she might roll up better than you do. The ultimate ball player is pretty much unstoppable when he wants to be. Amongst a collection of the best players in the world he is the best. In my eyes the ultimate ball player is Lebron James. He has shown that he is slowing taking the title of the best player in the world away from Kobe Bryant. He is 6ft 8in and 270 lbs but he runs like a man smaller than him and jumps so easily that he makes it look effortless. So fellas from now on when you get a girl who you believe is a perfect combination of all the things you are looking for you can call her a Lebron or King James. She is the franchise player we all want to build our teams around. So ladies step your game up dudes are looking for Lebron James not Jared Jeffries

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