Saturday, June 7, 2008


Crack is Wack

When I say Crack is Wack I am not speaking about the drug. Nah I’m speaking about the phenomenon that has swept over the country in the last couple of years, ass crack. Ass crack or just for this blog crack is everywhere. It’s bad enough dudes don’t pull their pants up and are showing their drawers and crack but now women are falling into the habit of showing theirs too. Low rider jeans have turned this country into a country full of crack heads. A lot of women are wearing these jeans and low riding underwear not realizing that when they sit down or sit up they are showing their crack. To still a line from Chuck D of Public Enemy “Here it is Bam and you say Got Damn” crack staring me right in my face and I don’t even want it lol. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I don’t mind a little crack but I damn sure don’t want to see it when I’m eating or with my six year old son. Now that summer has arrived I have seen as much crack as I have seen in the last six month’s. Damn it my eyes are hurting somebody please tell them to stop. So this blog is dedicated to everyone who agrees Crack is Wack…… unless you are Halle Berry or Angel Lola Luv I’m just saying I’ll relapse for a minute lol