Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Love Good Hip Hop

I was on the net listening to music today at work and I heard the two best songs this week, Lil Wayne's Mr. Carter featuring Jay Z and LL Cool J's Hi Hater Freestyle. These songs made me appreciate hip hop music tremendously this week. Mr. Carter to me soildify's JAy Z as the Best Rapper Alive. He murdered Lil Wayne on this track. Even though Wayne came off Jay Z showed why he is head and shoulders above everyone else. Lyrically not many people can hold a cup to Jay his verse further illustrated why he is better than your favorite rapper. "I took so much change from this rap game it's your go". Wayne couldn't keep up. You know ayne was fucked up he started to recite an old Jay Z line. Damn homie Sorry young heir you have a way's to go to challenge for the throne. Jay is still the King.
The second hot song of the week is the the Hi Hater Freestyle by LL Cool J. This was classic LL when focused LL is top five. "The G.O.A.T. I helped build the Hip Hop nation. How the four walls going to go hate on the foundation. My Rhyme book created your occupation". Oh shit many people aren't going to understand what LL said until somebody breaks it down for them. I bumped this joint about ten times at work because LL's word play and metaphor's were sick. This was a classic hip hop joint. These are my two hot songs of the week.