Saturday, January 17, 2009


"Why do you write"? I find that I'm asking myself this question too frquently. I know that I write because I enjoy it and I have a lot to say and I want to pass it on to the people to read. Although they might not agree with what I'm writing I know I have something to say and I just want to be heard. Some of the stuff that I write about is thought provoking and inspiring. The thing is I want to profit from it. However nobody sells well from dropping knowledge. The best sellers are usually the urban fiction and romance books. I can write like that but would I truly be doing a service to my community and my people by writing another Scarface or New Jack City. So do I write to make money or write to spread knowledge. It's a dilemma for me because I want to make a living from writing but until I can gain an consistent audience and following I will not be making any true money from my hobby. So when I ask myself why do I write my answer will continue to be because I love it