Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heart Break Hotel

I had my heart broken yesterday. It has been several years since that has happened. I am usually the person who doesn't live up to the expectations that someone had of me never the opposite. This is a very sad and depressing feeling. I truly regret doing this to anyone now that I am on the receiving end. The shit was fucking with my mind all damn night. I couldn't sleep at all I was tossing and turning. My stomach was hurting and I wanted to cry for no reason. Damn I feel like such a pussy. But hey those are the breaks in this game called life you win some you lose some but you have to play the game. I know this shit is never going to happen again I don't like this feeling whatsoever so I am not going to fall victim to Cupid's wicked ways again. Call me a sore loser or say that I am denying myself a fundamental right. But the pain and heartache associated with love is something I can do without. So to love I give you my middle finger and say peace I'll holla.