Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Epiphany of Black Pipe

I have been in a funk for a minute but couldn’t pinpoint why. For the last five months I have been upset and angry but I couldn’t understand what was really bothering me. I am in good health, I have a job, and my kids are healthy. I have everything going well in my life so why am I in a funk. Then it hit me one day the true reason that I am really angry is the Sean Bell case. For those that don’t know Sean Bell was killed the night of his bachelor party by undercover police detectives. Sean Bell was unarmed and his car was fired upon by the five detectives over 50 times. This is a travesty and a direct violation of the intended job of the NYPD, to serve and protect. Sean Bell was killed the night before his wedding by overzealous police. It can’t be seen as a racially charged killing because the Police Officers were predominantly men of color. The true crime is that they were afraid and opened fire on defenseless men because they were black. One officer Michael Oliver fired 31 shots and reloaded. These are the actions of a man who is afraid not a man who is supposed to protect people. Fear makes you do things that you normally wouldn’t do. Fear clouds your thoughts and either brings out the coward in you or makes you reach deep down inside and bring out the hero you have hidden.
I’m angry and instead of acting impulsively and going outside and taking foolish action I have retreated to what I do best, I am writing. My first book is called the MisEducation of Black Pipe which illustrates the evolution of a mind from being miseducated to being enlightened. My second book will be called the Emancipation of Black Pipe which will signify the freedom of a mind but I have decided to do something just for people who read my blogs. I am going to write a book for the internet that will serve as a bridge betweem both of my books. In order for my mind to be emancipated I must first have an epiphany. So this is the Epiphany of Black Pipe. Damn I’m jumping the gun I must first explain to those who don’t know what is the meaning behind the name Black Pipe. The beginning of the universe started from out of the darkness and as it then states and then there was light. The creation of everything in life comes from the darkness or black. The Pipe is a conduit for which I write and share my ideas. So like a pipe my ideas and words flow through my mind and me. So when you place them both together you get the formation of ideas, life, and thought all coming from one person, me to the world, henceforth the name Black Pipe. So when I say that this book is the Epiphany of Black Pipe it means that this is an illuminating discovery, realization, revealing scene or moment. My gift to the world my thoughts and feelings.