Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bucket List

In my Social Work with the Aging class on Monday I had to do a media presentation. I chose to do mine on the movie the Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholas. For those who don’t know the Bucket List is about two men from different social and economic classes, a billionaire and mechanic who come together and are roommates in a hospital room where they both have terminal cancer. The mechanic played by Morgan Freeman has created a list of things he wishes he had done before he dies. He throws the list out and Jack Nicholson finds the list and convinces him that they need to go ahead and do everything on the list before they both “kick the bucket”. There is more to the movie than my mini-synopsis details but I don’t want to go into too much detail. Watching the movie made me reflect back on my life and the things that I have done in my years up to this point. I have done a lot of things and accomplished a lot, however I feel as if I have underachieved. I haven’t maximized my full potential and have found myself to have had settled for less. So in the theme of the movie the Bucket List I want to ask myself if I had a short time to live and money wasn’t a problem what do I wish to accomplish before I leave and go to the hereafter.

1. Sky Dive – I have always wanted to jump from a plane. I have no idea why but it’s the adrenaline rush that has always intrigued me. At one point I was going to join the army so that I could get the airborne patch for jumping out of planes.

2. Ride a Motorcycle – I’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle since I was a little kid. It always looked dangerous and exciting to me. I also wanted to design a hot ass helmet to go with my motorcycle. So I guess in order to ride a motorcycle I need to learn how to drive

3. Kiss Mary J Blige - There are only two famous people I would ever date, Mary J Blige and Theresa Russell. I have had a crush on Mary J Blige since she first came out.

4. Write a Movie - As a kid growing up I always wanted to write movies. If I had to write a movie in a certain time frame I would be able to do it.