Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Neatherdals, Cave Women, and Troglodytes

As I sit here typing this entry into blogger. I am confused to the direction that I want to take. I want to react emotionally and call people names and hurl insults at them. But I also want to articulate my point and come across in all sincerity as an open minded individual. As a society we are losing control. We are losing control not because we are becoming uncivilized. Hold up let me retract that statement. We are uncivilized. We are acting like we have lost our freaking mind. Not all of us but some. As I have watched the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets second round playoff matchup I am stunned at the way that Denver has manhandled the Dallas Mavericks. They are quicker, stronger, and hungrier than the Mavericks. They are outplaying them in all facets of the game and in that equation the better team will win this series. The difficulty that I am having is the manner in which the Maverick fans and their owner has behaved. In the Game 3 loss to the Nuggets Mark Cuban was seen shouting at the mother of Kenyon Martin as he headed back into the tunnel. Now as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks he has the right to be angry at how his team was robbed. He however doesn't have the right to yell at someone's mother in the manner in which he did. Where is the NBA abmonishing his behavior? Where are all the sportscasters calling for an immediate ban of Mark Cuban for the remainder of the playoffs? Then in Game 4 Carmelo Anthony's fiancee had to send her young son back to the hotel room because of the aggressive nature in which the white fans were taunting them, using profanity and racial epithets. Am I supposed to be satisifed with the lack of response by the NBA. heck no. Let a player run into the stands because they feel that their loved one's are in danger and then you see everybody standing up on their soapbox talking about the NBA is turning into a thug league. The lack of respect for black women is obvious in this lack of response from the entire world. It seems we let people off the hook when we should hold them responsible for their actions, especially in this case. Let that had been some poor blond hair blue eyed white woman then the entire world would have been upset. But because it's someone who looks a little darker they feel that it is alright, no bump that. Sometimes it's necessary to make people respect what you represent. If you don't stand up for your women who is going to respect you as a people. We let Howard Stern slide. We let Emimnen slide. We let Asher Roth slide. and we let Rush Limbaugh slide. To take a page from Tupac's character Bishop in juice" When are we gonna start grabbing some collars and letting mofo's know we matter".